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Ten on Tuesday (14)

This set of Ten on Tuesday questions is brought to you by Kim from booksnmoore. She hasn’t updated her blog since December 14, so I’m not sure if she’s participating this week. Go check her out and see.

It’s another themed week. This week: Books. This one will strike the fancy of many of you. I fear that I’m going to feel worse about myself after this. As a lover of reading, I’m shocked at how few books I actually remember. So let’s see how this goes.

1. Favorite book(s) when you were a child and why?
We answered this in another set- Mine was Josafina and the Story Quilt. Loved that book. I also loved all the Berenstain Bears books and Amelia Bedelia books. That Amelia… she was always getting herself into trouble!

2. First “grown-up” book you remember reading (i.e. written for adolescents or with adult themes, such as The Outsiders or Catcher in the Rye).
It probably was The Outsiders. I think I read that in 6th or 7th grade. I LOVE that book.

3. Favorite movie that came from a book (even if you didn’t read the book and just love the movie).
Bridget Jones- I loved those books and I think the movies are so cute! Also, Polar Express. Oh and we can count Julia & Julia even though I’ve never read Julie’s book and have no desire to. Half of that movie is based on My Life in France and I will read that one.

4. Movie that you loved so much that you WISHED there was a book out so that you could find out more about the movie.
You’ve Got Mail. I think I could read about their relationship for a few volumes because the only thing they’d fight about is what movie to rent… and really, they’d never even fight about that.

5. Worst book you’ve ever read?
If I hate it after the first couple chapters, I don’t waste my time. I’ve closed a few books in my time. The only one I can remember by title is “Confessions of a Shopaholic.” I remember the name because I tried to read it and about a year later the movie came out. I was in shock that someone wanted to make a movie out of it. Also, I read “Olivia Joules and the Overactive Imagination” by Helen Fielding and it was totally random. Not crappy, just odd. I was expecting something more Bridget Jones. It was not Bridget at all.

6. Book that everyone raves about that you either a) haven’t read and feel slightly dumb for not having read it or b) have tried to read and hated and so feel slightly dumb that everyone is getting something you don’t.
Harry Potter. I haven’t read a single page of any of them.

7. If you were forced to choose only 3 books that you could read for the rest of your life, which ones would they be? (Or if you were stranded on a desert island, which 3 books would you want there with you?).
The Bible, Redeeming Love, and PW Cooks (so that I could stare at pictures of her ribeye with whiskey cream sauce while I ate bugs… assuming we’re sticking with the “stranded on a desert island” scenario).

8. Name one book that if you could recommend that everyone you know read, what is it?
I’m going to make a late rule here that says “The Bible” doesn’t count because obviously I wish everyone would read this book! Redeeming Love. I just read it this year after hearing people rave about it for years. I loved loved loved it.

9. What is your “guilty pleasure” reading?
Chick Lit. I love it. Marian Keyes is my favorite. Although I can’t feel too guilty about it because it makes me laugh and laughing is a good thing. Right?

10. What book (excepting the Bible or other major document of your religion/faith) has changed your outlook on life the most?
Stuff White People Like. Baha, just kidding. I’m hilarious. Probably Five Love Languages. It was quite eye opening. Stephen and I actually talk about it regularly. “I don’t feel loved when you do that, that’s not my language. Love me in my language.” Cheesy? Maybe. But it helps. I highly recommend it.

If you’re participating add you link to Mr Linky (not just the comments). I’m looking forward to reading that week’s answers so I can add to my ever-growing List Of Books I MUST Read. I suggest you click around and do the same!

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Like a Book

If you’ve read my blog for longer than 17 seconds, you’ve probably got me figured out. I don’t think anyone has ever drawn my name in a gift exchange and said, “Well crap! What the heck do you get someone like Chelsea? She is impossible to shop for.” Because I am not impossible to shop for. I’m quite easy to shop for. I’m quite easy to entertain and quite easy to please. Basically, I am easy to read… Like a book.

Tuesday was my 25th birthday. I’m not going to lie, 25 sounds *older* to me than 24. I know it is older, precisely one year older. But it just sounds like an adult age. I’m not an adult. But then someone posted a happy birthday message on their Ten on Tuesday that mentioned I am halfway to 50. Oh geez. (By the way, have y’all been reading and commenting on these ToT’s? Who knew that the whole world loves post it tab flag things?? I never use them. Apparently I’m missing out.)

Tuesday night Stephen and I went to my parents’ house. I originally thought that Stephen would make me dinner while I watched Biggest Loser and blogged. But schedules were a bit crazy for my family so we got together that night instead of our regular after-church lunch. My mom made TWO Pioneer Woman recipes! She made the Chicken Parmigiana and boy oh boy was it delicious! She made PW’s Tiramisu for dessert. I don’t think I’ve ever had a true tiramisu so I have nothing to compare it to, but it was delicious!!

Last night we went to Olive Garden with my in-laws because my stomach has been wanting salad and breadsticks for a long time now and since I am the birthday girl, they had to take me there. It was great. My mother-in-law ordered me this delicious strawberry cake with cream cheese icing from the bakery that her and my FIL’s wedding cake came from. So stinkin’ good. Of course I had to take a bathroom break two seconds after we sat down because my bladder is the size of a thimble. When I came back, this was sitting on my chair.

A scrapbook full of letters. From family, from friends, from many of you. What a gift! I was overwhelmed. See, I’m good at GIVING those types of gifts. I’m not great at getting them. So many wonderful things are on the pages of that book and I definitely don’t feel like a worthy recipient. As a “Words of Affirmation” and “Acts of Service” chick, my love cup is overflowing!

I’d like to show you a few pictures of the various gifts I received the past few days. If you’re anything like me, be prepared to be jealous.

That’s the America’s Test Kitchen Family Cookbook. I have never used this cookbook but my aunt loves it, and my aunt is a reliable source. And (WHOO HOO) Pioneer Woman Cooks.

Yes ma’am. Mastering the Art of French Cooking, Volumes 1 and 2. Even if I never make anything from this book, it’s a must have. My collection wouldn’t be complete without it. I may attempt a few recipes but, most likely, I’ll just read it like a book. I’m weird like that. There is also a smaller cookbook called Julia’s Kitchen Wisdom. I hardly think a publisher was able to capture Julia Child’s wisdom in that tiny book, but I’ll take what I can get!

I’ve read Something Borrowed, Something Blue, and Baby Proof by Emily Griffin. All were easy and entertaining reads. I’ve had Love The One You’re With on my “books to read” list for probably almost two years now! And lookie there, My Life In France. I’m going to be a Julia Child trivia beast!

Ignore the larger than life bridal portrait of me in the background, and my brother crossing his legs like a lady. Focus on the beautiful books in my hands. Swoon. Have y’all seen these? The clothbound Penguin Classics? They are beautiful!! I think they have 20 clothbound books released, I got 5! You can’t help but pet them when you hold them in your hand. I was reading a used copy of Wuthering Heights but I switched over to this one. I feel pretty classy when I hold this book!

Aahhhhh (angels singing), my very own Dutch oven! Stephen is celebrating the possibilities of what’s to come in that pot. I’m breaking a sweat just holding it up.

Stephen gave me some clothes from Old Navy (click here) (the other items aren’t online, I don’t know what’s up with that). He also sent flowers to my office. That really makes a girl feel special! My SILs both gave me Old Navy gift cards. I literally did a happy dance when I opened one of them. I just did a classy “whoo hoo” when I opened the other since I wasn’t alone. I don’t do dances in front of people. Happy or otherwise.

Also not picture is some Dove chocolate (delicious!), wine (also delicious!), shirts, and money to go toward my dining room chairs. Y’all, I’m one blessed chick! I think it’s funny how similar most of my gifts are. If you include the scrapbook as a book everything totals as follows: 8 books, 5 cookbooks, Old Navy gear, and food related items. So if you ever draw my name in a gift exchange or wake up just dying to buy me presents, you shouldn’t have any trouble coming up with something to get me. Although, after skimming some of the cookbooks, I’m thinking about editing my Christmas wish list to things like: a roast, wine, fine baking chocolate, and beef tenderloin. But I would be okay if you got me something you already know I love… like a book.

(That’s not a book. It’s cake. But it seemed like a good closing picture.)

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