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Seven Quick Takes After A Long Weekend

I know this week was only four days long but I couldn’t be more ready for this weekend. As usual, I have stuff on my calendar because I like to ignore everyone’s advice to take it easy. Really though, it should be a pretty good weekend. And minus the registering, it should be stress free!

Last week my phone broke. The touch screen wouldn’t work which presents a problem when all of your buttons besides “send” and “end” are on the touch screen. So basically all I could do was answer calls or call the last person that called me. I didn’t like that very much. I went to Verizon to get it fixed. Their answer, as always, is to take the battery out. That wasn’t the problem. Apparently my phone doesn’t work when the protective case is on. Stephen thinks it has something to do with a part of the case touching the screen constantly. Anyways, it’s fixed.

Do any of you WordPressers know how to get my categories back? You know how they are along the right column when you are writing a draft? Well mine disappeared like a month ago. I don’t know what happened. Ten points if you can tell me a solution. Twenty points if you begin your statement with “What had happened was…” And thirty points if you know where that’s from.

One of my least favorite things in life is getting to the bottom of a tube of Chapstick. It falls back in the tube and the sides of the tube scratch my lips. But I also hate starting a new tube. It’s concave at the top so part of it always cracks off onto my lips. It’s gross and a waste of a dot of Chapstick. Yes I have lots of thoughts and feeling about Chapstick. No I don’t think it’s weird. Yes I use cherry flavored Chapstick exclusively. No I will not change my mind and your flavor isn’t better. Yes I know I have a problem. No I’m not being paid by Chapstick. (Although they should pay me.)

I’m not going to go into this in full detail because, frankly, I’m tired. And if you agree with me you’ll agree regardless of how many words I devote to this. That whole ump ruining the perfect game? I’m out-of-control happy that Bud Selig didn’t reverse the call. Yes it sucks. Yes I feel awful for both the pitcher and the ump. But this is baseball and human error is part of the game. If the call was going to be reversed it should have happened immediately. The end.

We need curtains in our living room. We have needed curtains in our living room for two and a half years. I think that I must believe the decorating fairies are going to come hang something while I’m at work. One of these days I’ll get around to it. (sigh)

We are this close to becoming a one car family. And by “this close” I mean that we will be a one car family just as soon as we figure out who to sell a clunker to and how to transfer the title. It’s a little scary but we can make it work. We carpool to work 4 days a week already, we’ll just have to adjust to make it work on that fifth day.

Because the Rooms To Go delivery process is such a PAIN IN THE TOOSHIE, it looks like we might be purchasing our recliner this evening so that it can be delivered with our dining room table. You know how most places will say, “We will be there on Saturday, sometime between noon and 3 pm”??? Well not this place. They’ll be here next Saturday… sometime between 7:00 am and 10:00 pm. Well thanks a lot. That really makes things easy for us. So anyways, we know we are going to eventually get the recliner and we’re thinking we would rather just go for it now than give up another ENTIRE Saturday waiting on delivery. Can you support our decision?

The end. Happy weekend!

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How To Make a Migraine

If you’ve ever wondered how to make a migraine, you are in luck. I’ve got the recipe.

Homemade Migraine

  • Do not go to sleep before 11:00 for at least 5 days in a row.
  • Have a dog explosively crap on your white carpet.
  • Intermittently spend money on the following: groceries, large quantities of Christmas and wedding presents, a mortgage, a car note, student loans, carpet cleaning to clean up crap stains, gas, more groceries and hospital bills from that time your husband almost lost his nose.
  • Take your clunker to the mechanic and spend an unfortunate amount of money.
  • Be reminded that you are no longer in college and don’t get vacation throughout the entire month of December.
  • Be at the tail end of your hormonal “time of the month.”
  • Have your clunker break down less than 2 weeks after you “fixed” it.

Combine all ingredients in a large vat. Pour in some frustration, cold weather, and dog hair. Whisk briskly with your carpal tunnel inflicted wrist. Add a dash of dirty dishes and a heaping hamper-full of laundry. Blend with unpedicured toes. Be sure to allow some cold showers to drizzle into the batter as it comes together.  Dough will form lumps. Place lumps across your shoulders and neck, keep packing them in until you’re feeling stiff and sore. Set time to 3 seconds. When the timer goes off, your migraine should be ready. Enjoy!

Please note that this recipe is for the ugh-my-head-is-pounding-and-I’d-like-to-go-to-sleep-even-though-its-7:00-at-night. If you’re looking for the oh-my-gosh-I’d-rather-die-than- live-with-this-*#!&*in’-migraine-for-one-more-second recipe, make the following changes.

Add: rain, a fight with your husband, criticism at work, house guests with a dirty house, a burnt recipe, and a bad internet connection. For best results, replace the slightly hormonal day with the most hormonal day of the month.

That is a coveted recipe, my friends. You’re welcome.

That’s precisely where I was yesterday evening as I was standing in Walmart on the phone with my mom. I was whining about the fact the my husband was on the other side of Houston because his car wouldn’t start. I was approximately 4.7 miliseconds away from bursting into tears. This may be the only time in my life that I think the massive Walmart crowds have helped me. I was too scared to cry in a crowd. That’s just embarrassing. Especially because I knew I’d have to come here and tell y’all about it.

You know what made me calm down enough to release the tension and let go of some of that migraine?

A good cuddle with this one:

(Rookie wouldn’t pose for a picture. She was bored with me last night.)

And this. In it’s entirety.

(I don’t know why the pictures are green. I don’t want to try to figure it out because that’s exactly the sort of thing that causes migraine flair-ups.)

(Also, I know my kitchen is ugly. You’re more than welcome to come fix it up, without any financial help from me, of course.)

Want to know what else eases my migraine?? Knowing that I get to have lunch with my best friend Lyndsey today! She lives in Kansas City. She’s brought it to my attention that we live 49 states apart, if you’re traveling the long way. It sucks. A lot. But she’s flying in to Houston and I get tp pick her up and take her to lunch. That makes me happy.

Do you want to be friends with Lyndsey? Of course you do! Well lucky for you, she’s just started a blog. (It must be contagious!) She’s still feeling it all out and figuring out what she wants from the blog, so be patient with her if she changes things up on you. I’m excited about it though. Lyndsey is the funniest person I know in real life, so I’m excited to see her learn how to transfer that to a blog.

Click here to visit her little corner of the internet. Say a proper hello to her. I mentioned that she’s traveling today. It would be cool if she was overwhelmed with comments when she checks her blog. Don’t let me down, y’all!

Stay tuned, I’m posting the winner of the GlamourDamaged giveaway later today.bAnd then the next giveaway starts tomorrow morning. Are you excited? You should be!

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