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Seven Quick Takes

Caution: Randomness to come.

I hit an all-time low when it comes to fatigue. I almost fell asleep at my desk several times yesterday because I’d had about 4 almost sleepless nights in a row. I decided it was time to stop talking about how I think the recliner could help and actually try it. So last night I put a fitted sheet over the recliner, put two extra fans in the living room, and settled in for the night. I woke up twice two pee but THAT’S IT. And neither trip to the bathroom was painful. I didn’ t have to hobble in there or hold my back. No tears were shed and I think the only moan was the sound I made when I tried to hoist myself out of the recliner. In conclusion: Praise the Lord, it looks like I might get some sleep during the last 6 weeks!!

As of August 1, Stephen and I started the new envelope method of budgeting. It’s going to take some self-control but I think it’ll be worth it. I’ve VERY good at mental justification… This method doesn’t allow for that.

My mom’s pup has been having some health issues. (If you look on my About Me tab, she’s the little white fluff ball.) She’s had several tests and nobody really knows what’s wrong. A specialist even said, “I’ve been in practice for 35 years, 30 as a by referral vet (aka: only weird cases), and I’ve never seen anything like this.” She doesn’t want to eat, she’s very needy, sometimes she just spaces out. It’s very odd. She had surgery earlier in the week and had several biopsies done. We’ll get results next week. I know this sounds weird but will you please keep her in your prayers? She may just be a dog, but she’s a pet. And for those of you who have pets, you know how they become your family.

I hit an all time pregnancy low yesterday. It was the first time I thought, “Okay, I’m ready for this to be done.” My back was hurting, I was beyond tired, and Jansen was especially active. (Read: Beating the crap out of my insides.) I’m doing much better today and I’ve decided I’m not quite ready for this chapter to end.

I only own two maternity shirts that are long enough for me to wear to work. Why is that okay? If it says “maternity” on it, it should be extra long. Who cares if I have a ridiculously long torso, there should still be clothes options for me! So from here on out, two days a week I will wear those two shirts and the other three I will wear solid t-shirts from Stephen’s drawer. And if anyone wants to complain, they can start a new line of maternity clothes for non-midgets.

I almost hate to admit this because I’m SO not about the brand names. However, for reasons that aren’t important to this post, I have been using a name brand contact solution for a few weeks instead of Kroger brand. You know? I think it’s better. I don’t keep track of how old my contacts are. I just wear them until they irritate my eyes… whether that is the recommended month or close to two months. I feel that as long as I can see and they are comfortable, I’ll keep wearing them. But y’all, this new solution is like super powered. I don’t know how long I’ve been wearing these contacts but it is far longer than normal. So now I need to figure out if it’s worth it to pay over two times the price for solution and keep my contacts longer, or save money on solution but waste it on contacts.

Do you have any idea how hard it is to prepare your coworkers for 6 weeks without you?! I thought it would be quick and easy. No ma’am. I have folders with sticky notes and printed instructions, times 10. Some of them understand that life will go on, others fear that this may be the end of the world. Part of me hopes that there will be a few issues so they know that I’m needed… but most of me is scared that they’ll realize that my job is really easy and somehow think I’m replaceable.

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Seven Quick Takes

Here’s a nice batch of random all fried up for you this fine Friday morning!

On this week’s ToT, there was a question asking if we’d met anyone famous. I mentioned some baseball players and then my friend Rachel reminded me that I’d kind of met Mark McGrath. HOW DID I FORGET?

Incase you don’t know, Mark McGrath is the lead singer of Sugar Ray. He is also my celebrity crush from age 14-17. Rachel’s dad worked for the Six Flags organization and got us back stage passes to the Sugar Ray concert there. Before the concert we were hanging out at some picnic table “back stage” and I had to go to the bathroom. There was this small porta-potty over next to a trailer. I went to stand in line. Little did I know, that trailer was THE trailer. As the lady came out of the bathroom, I started walking up to go in. Just then, Mark (first name basis) came out of his trailer and literally ran into me. Well, more like knocked shoulders. But still. And then he said “What’s up?” and I just stared at him.

Also, I got to go back stage at a Pat Green concert once. I was with a few friends and we wanted to get our hats signed. (Yes, I have a cowboy hat. In fact, I have several. I live in Texas. It’s not all stereotype.) He walked by and one of my friends said, “Excuse me Mr. Green. Will you sign my hat?” And he signed our hats. I don’t even remember if he spoke.

I have bragged about my dog several times before. Sure she has her faults. She pees when she greets people, she barks when someone is at the door, she has seasonal allergies. No dog is perfect. But Rookie is sort of brilliant. I swear she speaks English. The following scenario is just two of several times/situations this has happened.

I’m cooking dinner and Rookie is hungry so she walks up to me and just stands there and stares. I tell her, “I know you’re hungry, Rookie, but I’m cooking dinner. If you want to eat now you need to go ask your daddy. Otherwise, you need to wait until I’m done.” She immediately turns and runs off to stand in front of Stephen.

I’m crawling into bed and Stephen is still in the living room. Rookie is already sprawled out across the floor by the bed. “Rookie, I’m ready for night night. Go tell your daddy.” And off she goes to the living room to get him. Stephen will usually come in and say, “Did you tell Rookie to come get me?? Because she just ran in there and stared at me and then the door, then me and then the door.”


It’s been a while since I’ve mentioned this. Click here to follow me on Twitter. I’m not very exciting but maybe you are.

If you’re still debating joining Swagbucks… why? Here’s the trick. Join (by clicking HERE, which is my referral link) and then start using it. Post YOUR referral link on your blog, email it to your family and get them to join and USE IT too. You don’t get referral points if they aren’t using it, but they really add up when they do. I’ve been on it since February (I think?) and I’ve earned $105 in Amazon gift cards. Email me if you want more details. If you sign up today, input this code “SweetTweeting” for 20 points.

I know some people aren’t crazy about it, but it works for me. It’s really a no brainer. I get free gift cards just for using Swagbucks instead of Google. And I still use Google when Swagbucks can’t answer me!

How do you feel about Toms? I’ve had at least 4 people tell me lately that I should get a pair. Sometimes they are ugly. What do you wear them with?

I wish I could get away with wearing skirts and dresses to work. They are so much more comfortable but in the construction industry, it’s just not normal. Of course it would be allowed, I’d just get a lot of attention and that’s not always a good thing.

Happy weekend, y’all! Hope you have some fun times ahead of you!

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Seven Quick Takes – It’s a GOOD Friday

Happy Good Friday y’all! I cannot believe I have to work today. Major bummer! Tonight we’ll be going to church for our annual Good Friday service and then hanging out at home afterwards. I love this weekend!

(Note: The Quick Takes lady isn’t hosting this week.)

Tomorrow I’m making a carrot cake for Easter with my family. I’ve never been a carrot cake fan, mainly because I hadn’t ever had one and the idea of dessert that isn’t chocolate just doesn’t excite me. But I made on last year and it was fantastical. I’ve made it once or twice throughout the year and now I’m back to make it again for Easter. Here is the recipe, you should really give it a go! You will not be disappointed.

Umm, so thank you to everyone for your oh-so-serious advice and consolation on yesterday’s post. Apparently it’s been a long time since I’ve written a heavily sarcastic post and nobody really seemed to get it. I’m not concerned about Rookie. She’s been around dogs since she was a pup, we just find it hilarious that she’s such a stick in the mud around groups of dogs. We aren’t concerned about our child either. There is nothing wrong with being a nerdy kid (Stephen and I were both nerdy)… it’s just not something we worry about. Of course we hope the kid isn’t a wussy kid who doesn’t like to play with anyone but us, but we’ll cross that awkward bridge when we get there. Our kid is going to be awesome. There isn’t a doubt in my mind!

Does anyone want to play the “How Much Weight Has Chelsea Gained” game? I’m 15 weeks and very visibly showing. I’ll reveal on Monday. (Family, Lauren, and Lyndsey are not allowed to guess.)

Note to pregnant chicks or people who may become pregnant: If you get bloody noses (which you very possibly will) don’t tell your doctor unless they are excessive. I just barely mentioned that I’ve been getting them and she rushed me to a lab for a “CBC and platelet count”… whatever that is. I didn’t even have the chance to say, “NO NO NO. I’m okay!” Ummm, 5 bloody noses in 15 weeks is not an emergency. Really hoping we don’t get a big fat bill in the mail for this test.

Remember John from Fatherhoody? He wrote a post a while ago (<- that’s a link) about his pregnant wife and all of you thought it was a hint that I was pregnant. (I was pregnant, but it wasn’t a hint.) Well his wife has had the baby and he is WORN OUT. He’s looking for a few guest bloggers so I thought I’d put my feelers out. If you’re pregnant, have been pregnant, have a husband who has thoughts about babies (positive or negative), etc. and you’re interested in being a guest writer, get in contact with me.

You know what’s awkward? Getting the giggles during Maundy Thursday service. Oh so awkward.

I dreamt last night that I had my baby. (It was a girl, for those of you who would like to take that information and change your sex guess.) I was in the car with her and she was on my lap and I was feeding her green beans. Let me repeat. My newborn baby was on my lap in the car and I was feeding her green beans. Now OBVIOUSLY I know not to do that, but I’m wondering if the dream means that I have no idea what I’m doing. Stephen and I were thinking about not taking those classes that the hospital offers to teach you about babies. I know how to rock a baby, swaddle a baby, I can figure out how to bathe a baby, etc. I do not know how to breastfeed but from what I hear, the learning doesn’t come until the baby is here anyways. Should we take the class? Is it a waste of time and are they going to tell me dumb things like “babies have weak necks” or will it be beneficial? Should I just read books? How do y’all feel about birthing/breathing classes? We also hadn’t planned on taking that because it just seems to be something that will come natural at the time. Am I an idiot?

I hope you all have a wonderful Easter weekend! I love Easter… for more than just the ham and deviled eggs.

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But… What If…?

It’s been a while since we’ve talked about Rookie. We had a bit of an argument last night and she may have uttered the words “worst mother in the history of all mothers.” She visited this little blog of mine and saw that the last time her name was mentioned was 9 days ago and it was one quick mention about how much I hate it when she licks her paws in the middle of the night. Apparently that’s not very loving of me. Apparently that’s not being a good mom… or something. So anyways she’s pissed and she spent the evening telling me all about it.

So now I’m going to try to make it up by telling you all about her. Although I’m a little bitter myself so it may not be the most flattering story. That’ll teach her to tell a pregnant woman that she’s a bad mom.

I don’t know how the weather is in your part of the country, but here in Houston, it’s Heavenly. The mornings and evenings are a tad chilly for my liking but the rest of the day is awesome. Sunny, cool, breezy. We’ve been trying to think of different outdoor activities that we can do so we can enjoy this. Last week Stephen had the brilliant idea of taking Rookie to this new dog park about 10 minutes away. Since he chose to go on a Tuesday I decided to stay home and watch Biggest Loser while he and Rookie bonded.

Stephen started texting me pictures of this dog park. It was beautiful. Then he sent me a few pictures of Rookie standing, Rookie running, Rookie in the distance. And it dawned on me… was Rookie the only dog there? I asked. Nope. There are more, she’s just not playing with them.


They got home and Rookie was warn out. After Loser was over I asked for the details. Stephen told me all about how pretty the park was. There were trees and a track and strategically placed poopie bags that turned out to be poopie pieces of plastic that in a strange twist of events, turned out to be bags afterall.

And then he broke the news. Rookie isn’t good at making friends. She’s kind of a nerd dog. I couldn’t believe my ears. I was certain that this wasn’t true… that maybe all the other dogs were losers and she had no interest in playing their stupid games. I mean, she’s so cute! There’s no way that she’s not popular.

So I went. Sunday afternoon we loaded up the Murano and drove to the park. It was packed. Millions, maybe even trillions of dogs. We went in the gate and Rookie immediately started smelling butts. Atta girl. Stephen and I started walking and Rookie followed. We kept walking, she kept following. It was almost like she wasn’t aware that there were dogs around. It was sad. I was seeing it with my own eyes. My dog, the very dog I had raised since she was a wee little pup, was the nerdy kid that sits at the end of the lunch table alone. It was hard to see.

I ached for her. I ached for myself and my husband. What did we do wrong? Why was she such a social spazz? Maybe she just needed more practice. She really only has experience with my mom’s dog or the occasional visiting dog. Maybe she just needs to be around more dogs.

So we took her again on Tuesday. She was so excited. She ran to the car and fussed the whole way there. We got there and she ran into the park. I said a little prayer that maybe she could make a friend. Every now and then a group of dogs would come close and Rookie would get really excited. We’d encourage her, “Go Rookie! Go play!” And she’d run towards the dogs. As she’d start getting close she’d slow down and turn around and then sprint back to us. It was awful. I was embarrassed. I felt like all the other doggie parents were judging me. Like I’m some sort of over-protective mom that won’t let her dog play without permission. Or like I’m the type of mom to say, “Go have fun, but don’t get more than 20 feet away! It’s not safe out there.”

I’m so not that mom.

Stephen and I are unsure what to do at this point. We’ll continue to take her to the park and hope she’ll learn to make friends. We’ll encourage her to participate in all dog activities as long as they don’t involve the pit of watery mud.

This whole thing has gotten us thinking though. How is it that two incredibly awesome, super fun, socially fabulous people could raise such a dweeb? I mean, I guess it’s not that big of a deal. She’s just a dog.

But wait. I think there is something… someone… more important than Rookie coming. Something that could benefit from having a true social life. If we can’t socialize a dog, how the heck are we going to socialize a human? Let’s just pray that God has mercy on this child and He can somehow teach it to be normal despite our awful parenting.

Let’s all bow our heads and pray on that for a while.

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The Calm After The Storm

I am currently settled into our big leather chair. It’s Sunday night and I have a large glass of Dr. Pepper next to me and The Next Iron Chef finale on the television. My feet are cozy in slippers and I’ve got a pillow and a laptop on my lap. I am happy. I am relaxed. I am accomplished.

This weekend was one of my rare weekends when I look back and wonder, “Who the heck is this chick? Is she on drugs?” I didn’t stop moving. I have the pains in my back and stains on my tile floor to prove it. For real.

After work on Friday I headed home to hang out with Rookie and Molly for an hour or so before going to a dinner. Molly was staying with us for the weekend while my parents were out of town. It’s always fun to have Molly around. I specifically enjoy watching her and Rookie chase each other around the house while barking. There’s really nothing more entertaining than a 6 pound fluff ball and 45 pound wolf dog play. Try it sometime. And when said wolf dog needs to go outside to potty, this is what said fluff does:

Saturday morning I slept. And slept. It was glorious. When I finally dragged myself out of bed, I took inventory on my kitchen and made my grocery list. Incase anyone ever thinks it’s a good idea to go to the grocery store around noon on the Saturday before Thanksgiving, I beg you to rethink. Unless you’re the type that gets a high from maneuvering around hoards of grocery carts and fighting for the dwindling supply of canned pumpkin. I am not. I get a high from stocking my freezer or from finding something on sale. Although I did buy two cans of pumpkin even though I already had two in my pantry and only needed 1 for my recipe. You want pumpkin? You need pumpkin? I suppose I need more pumpkin. You know, just incase.

I came home and unloaded the car. I put the ingredients for chicken chili in the Crock and asked God to make this the best soup in the world so my husband would decide that soup doesn’t suck. Without looking back or thinking about what was in my near future, I started making the dough for Pioneer Woman’s Cinnamon Rolls. I’ve been wanting to taste these for a long time now and I don’t think I know many people bold enough to take these on… and then share them with me. To be honest with you, I didn’t completely read the recipe before I started it. I didn’t really want to know what I was getting into.  So I started the dough. I put it in the laundry room to rise for an hour and decided to make some mini-meatloafs (meatloaves?) to restock my freezer. An hour later I checked on my dough. I told Stephen that if it didn’t rise I would cry. I didn’t rise much. I didn’t cry. I recovered it and turned on the dryer to heat up the room.

Once the dough was “good enough” I started rolling them out. According to PW’s cookbook, you should roll the dough into a 30 x 10 inch rectangles in two batches. Thirty by ten. Thirty inches by ten inches. Imagine your kitchen. Do you have a space that can accomodate a 30 x 10 inch rectangle of dough, plus some space around it for oozing mess, work space, and butter, sugar and cinnamon? That’s a lot of space. Thankfully I had the space but I was cutting it close.

So lets just say that these were a lot of work. Not difficult, just time-consuming. I learned after the first half of dough that there is such thing as a Wrong Way to Roll Cinnamon Rolls. I did better on my second go. By the end of the rolling, cutting, icing whisking, packing, etc. I was exhausted. I nursed my wounds by eating 3 delicious cinnamon rolls and a bowl of mediocre chicken chili.

But I pressed on. I made some King Ranch Chicken with some turkey I had in the freezer from many moons ago when I made my first turkey. So King Ranch Turkey, really. I have no idea if it’ll be good, it’s in 4 9×9 pans in my freezer now. This is what I ended up with.

Ignore my dated kitchen. Dated kitchens work the same as fancy new ones. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

I should have taken a photo of the counter after I rolled the cinnamon rolls. It was bad.  Bad in an ooey gooey cinnamony delicious way. But it’s all okay because I ended up with 8 trays of Heaven.

Then I went to sleep. And slept like a freaking bear in hibernation. Sunday after church we went to a surprise party for my uncle. We got home around 4:30 and I got back in the kitchen. Why? Because I’m a crazy lady. I threw some stuff in the Crock to make tortilla soup and accidentally turned it to warm instead of high. Warm doesn’t cook chicken. In case you were wondering.

Then I whipped this baby up.

That’s a chocolate pumpkin cheesecake, thank you very much. And since my Crock Pot was on warm instead of high for an hour, we were without dinner. So I hopped back up and fried up some bacon, chopped some potatoes and made some hashbrowns, and scrambles some eggs. And that Lord said, “it was good.”

And now I’m relaxing. I’m about 14 seconds away from going to bed where I will pass out and sleep like a baby. Or like a shih-tzu.

(Ten on Tuesday questions have been posted on in the archives – click the button in the right sidebar. Tomorrow marks the first day that YOU come up with questions.)

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Ten on Tuesday (4)

Thanks for all of the prayers for Stephen. Please keep them coming. He’s in a lot of pain and it just breaks my heart. Many of you were curious about the pictures. Stephen was on a bachelor weekend trip with some guys, he made them take pictures. So he could see? So he could show his mom? Probably so his wife could blog about itWe are all infinitely grateful.

Here we go again! I loved reading your comments about toilet paper and Tom Cruise. And it’s always fun to know what everyone’s reading so I can get ideas. If you’re playing along, I’ve attempted to add Mr. Linky to the bottom. Be sure to add a link to that post. There were about 13ish of you that played along on your blogs last week, it’s easier to click around when the links are all in one place. So add and then visit each other. You won’t regret it- you guys are funny!

”10 on Tuesday

1. What animal should cease to exist? (Not including bugs. That’s too obvious.)
A lot of them. Possums, snakes, rats, ferrets. I’m not a fan of cats but since they bring so many people joy, I’ll take one for the team and keep them alive.

2. What was your favorite part of elementary school?
I loved most things about elementary school. I loved the desks, overhead projectors, cheesy bulletin boards, recess, silent reading time, lined paper. I loved when teachers had chalk holders so that their fingers wouldn’t get messy and they’d never accidentally scratch the chalkboard. I loved book reports and assemblies. I loved that I was never tired and I got home early enough that I could still play with my friends after school. Man, those were the days.

3. If scientists found a way to allow dogs to talk, do you think we should implement it? Or should we just keep them quiet?
I’m really torn on this. Sometimes I’d LOVE to hear what Rookie is thinking. But I’m afraid I’d be disappointed. I could learn that the only reason the stands in from of me and fusses is because she’s bored or she thinks is funny to watch me try to figure her out. I’m not sure I’d like to hear why she licks herself or what she really thinks about the television we choose to watch. Plus, if all dogs could talk, the world would be a lot louder.

4. How do you order your Starbucks?
I only go to Starbucks when I have a gift card or a really bad day. Otherwise, I just can’t spend the money on it. Plus, I think their actual coffee sucks. With that said, my drink order depends. This time of year I get a tall pumpkin spice latte extra hot. In the summer I get java chip frappachinos with peppermint. Around Christmas I get mocha with peppermint extra hot.

I suppose I should explain my extra hotness. It’s not that I like really hot drinks because I don’t. But I like my drink to last for a long time. I order it extra hot so that it can sit in my car with me and smell delicious and I can build up the anticipation. Once it’s drinkable I can savor it and love it! I just find that if I don’t get extra hot I drink it quickly and then it’s gone and I’m sad.

5. What’s worse? People who don’t know the difference between your and you’re OR people who don’t use smack their food?
Both are awful. AWFUL. I think I’m going to go with the smacking though. If there is an incorrect grammar user, I can just ignore their blog or facebook or emails. But it’s hard to ignore smackers. They are loud and disgusting and ALL OVER the place. You can’t easily delete, minimize, or close a stranger who is smacking near you. Or maybe you can, but I’m pretty sure it’s not legal.

6. What CD can you listen to over and over?
One of George Strait’s old greatest hits cds. Or Passion’s Hymns Ancient and Modern cd. Or Shane & Shane’s Upstairs cd.

7. What was the most surprising thing about college?
The schedule! I took naps regularly, even during the semesters that I worked. It was also shocking that it’s so hard. I found out that I’m not nearly as smart as I thought I was! Before college, I didn’t know what a B was but in college, I celebrated B’s.

I shocked myself in college. I’m not always very outgoing. I’ve gotten better about it because I’ve forced myself to be outgoing. But I am shocked that I forced myself to join a spirit group and a community group all by myself. Nobody at my side. Completely out of my comfort zone. I’m sure I had my fair share of migraines and nervous poops in preparation. (TMI??)

8. What’s the best deal you ever got? (Biggest sale item.)
I’ve probably gotten a few good deals in my time. I’m good at deals. Last week I got a pair of shoes for $3.50! That was awesome. When Stephen and I bought our house we went to Big Lots and found an area rug for our living room. It was originally like $150, marked on sale for $100. It rang up for $40. We were thrilled. I’m not a fan of the rug anymore because it’s kind of rough but it’ll do until we have crawling children. And also the table I mentioned yesterday. A brand new dining room table for $100.

9. Who is your role model? Why?
I have many for different reasons and this is not an exhaustive list. My mom because she’s a fantastic mother and did an amazing job running our household while keeping us close and making us all feel loved. My dad because he is SO smart. So so smart. My aunts who are both breast cancer survivors and some of the strongest women I’ve ever known. My Meme because she and my Papa are a beautiful picture of true love. Seriously, they can make you melt if you watch them dance. My grandma because she is so selfless. She loves everyone, serves, cares, she makes everyone feel important. There’s a woman at my church named Lisa. I’ve always loved her and respected her. But as I’ve grown, I realize how truly rare it is to meet someone so genuinely loving and I’m sure that everyone that’s had the pleasure of meeting her feels the same way. I cherish my relationship with her.

10. What movie would you like to see that is in theaters right now?
Nothing actually. I’ll want to see New Moon when it comes out. I’ll want to see that one with Sandra Bullock when they adopt that teenager. That looks amazing. I’m not much of a movie-goer so I don’t even know what else is coming out. And (true story) I had to go to Cinemark’s website to even see what’s out. If there is something good coming, let me know!

Hopefully this Mr. Linky works. Add your link to the list. Everyone else, click around and leave some comments! (Okay, he’s not working like he is supposed to. But if you click that little icon, it’ll take you to the list of participants. I’ll try to get it figured out for next week.)

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Dogs and Babies Aren’t Exactly The Same

Today is October 6. We are approximately 42 days away from my 25th birthday. (It’s November 17th, for those of you who aren’t good at counting.) I graduated from college two and a half years ago. I started a job a few weeks after that. I married a very handsome man a month or so later. Which means I have been married for a little over two years.

That handsome man and I bought a house almost two years ago. November 16, 2007 to be exact. I changed jobs a few months later to do work that didn’t make me want to jam a pencil in my eye. In January of 2009 one of our clunker cars bit the dust and we spent a long (ha!) 48 hours carefully deliberating and test driving one vehicle and visiting one dealership before purchasing our first SUV, also known as a baby-mobile.

Do you see where we’re headed? Most people do. Graduated, jobs, married, house, car… what’s next?

My blog. In the timeline of Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Hurst, the blog actually came before the SUV. But it has taken on a whole new life and is now a much bigger part of my life than it was 9 months ago. So I would say that Roots & Rings is the next big event in our lives. But obviously blogging isn’t really on most people’s “Things To Do As I Grow Up” list. Most people’s next step would be a baby.

No this isn’t the post where I announce to The Internets that I am pregnant. I am not. So settle down and just read my story.

Stephen and I have been in open discussion about babies since we got married. It was never a talk that scared us. We figured we’d wait about two years and have a baby. (Incase you already forgot the timeline, we are 3 months past the two year mark and we don’t have a baby. Sometimes people don’t know what they are talking about when they set goals.)

A few months ago we went to Home Depot. In the back of the parking lot was a truck with a dog crate next to it. They had a sign propped up against the truck that said “PUPPIES.” We got out of our baby-mobile and intended to walk into the doors of Home Depot but somehow found ourselves walking toward the truck. As we were walking across that parking lot, Stephen enthusiastically said, “Oh! We could get a puppy!” I laughed at his ridiculousness and told him, “Okay. You have a choice. You can have a baby or a dog.” I could see the grin on his face, “Fine! A dog!” I knew his dirty tricks, “I don’t mean that you get one now and one a year from now. You get one. Period. And you don’t get another until the other is gone.”

Meaning this: Unless the Lord thinks I can handle twins (please, oh please Lord, don’t think I can handle twins!) I will not have two babies at once. I will not have a baby and get pregnant immediately afterward so that I have kids extremely close in age. I know my stress and migraines and massive knots in my shoulders- I know I can’t handle that. So this also means that I will not get another dog (Rookie was already part of the family) and then have a baby. The dog would have to be gone by the time I visited the idea of a baby. Are you following me?? The Hurst family will include a man, a woman, a dog, and a baby. Once that baby turns into a little kid, we’ll visit the baby idea again. But another dog does not fit into this equation unless the baby doesn’t, or unless the other dog doesn’t. I can’t see either of those happening. Hence, my proposal to Stephen which I will repeat now because this was quite a tangent and your eyes are probably glazed over. “Okay. You have a choice. You can have a baby or a dog.”

We played with the puppy but chose not to get it. Partially because we’d rather have a baby. And partially because the puppy was a pit bull and I will NEVER have a pit bull and a child in the same house. I don’t care to hear your thoughts and feelings on the matter. This is my opinion and I can choose that. Moving on.

Every now and then we experience what it’s like to have two dogs. My mom’s dog comes to visit often. Our pups play and sleep and bark and have a merry time. The two dogs have two separate potty rituals and two separate morning rituals. It makes me more responsible to have two of them around. My dog is chill. She sleeps when I tell her to go night-night. She eats when I say “good girl.” She potties when I tell her to go potty. She’s easy. Molly is different. She’s tiny and prissy. She sleeps when she feels like it. She eats about once a day, one kibble at a time. And don’t even get me started about her potty.

Molly is more like a baby than Rookie. She needs more attention and love. She can’t be alone long. If you’re not watching her, she’ll put anything in her mouth. And she’s scared of storms. She stayed at our house over the weekend and it rained the entire weekend. It was good baby practice. Or maybe good birth control? (Just kidding, mom. Please let her keep visiting us!) 

I love cuddling with her and cradling her like a soft little baby. When I do this it makes me think that maybe we could just get a tiny puppy to cure our baby fever and postpone the expensive step of expanding our family. But then I wake up in the morning to find out that Molly is so scared about the storm that she’s pooped a pile of tootsie rolls in my closet. At least I know my future babies won’t do that!

October 6, 2009 at 8:45 am 18 comments

Excuse Me While I Waste Your Time

I had a fairly productive (and relaxing!) evening last night. Those two words aren’t generally used in the same sentence. Not for me at least. Unless I’m discussing how productive my nap was on a relaxing Sunday afternoon. Or telling you how I was relaxing on the couch and felt productive when I finished my last Dove dark chocolate egg and was finally able to throw away the Easter packaging. But I had a truly productive evening… in the form of laundry, doing my Bible Study homework, sewing my eye patch back together, sweeping up dog hair, reading a couple chapters of Eclipse, and cutting my fingernails.


Last night I was on my own. Stephen got some Astros tickets from work and went to the game with a few of his friends. (He called me on Tuesday and asked, “Would it offend you terribly if I had 4 tickets to the game and didn’t invite you?” What a sweet man for semi-asking me and considering my feelings. For the record, I’m not offended.) So on my way home from work I stopped at my old high school to drop off some dresses for the Fairy Godmother Project. Feels good to do a little ‘good’ and clean out my closet. Anyone know a charity that is accepting holey socks or stained t-shirts? What about shoes that give blisters? Or garments that the dryer didn’t agree with? I could use a few more excuses to get rid of some of this stuff.


My sister is done with her semester so my mom flew up to Missouri and they are currently driving home together. My dad was at Bible Study. So I did the most logical thing I could think of. I went to their house and stole their dog.


I took this little monster



To play with this big monster



And this is what happened.



Oh how I love these pups! Molly recently got her hair cut so she is so tiny and soft and has this tiny green bow in her hair. Sometimes I just want to squeeze her! But I won’t. Because she’d die. And my mom would be mad.


Anyways. I let the dogs run around while I heated up my dinner. So remember the 11 meals I made and froze? Okay, we had one of the Baked Zitis on Tuesday. The recipe said to put it in a 9×13 pan. Instead, I added a little bit of extra meat sauce and put them in three 8×8 pans. I defrosted one and cooked it on Tuesday. We ate half of the pan. Stephen took some yesterday for lunch and I had the rest for dinner last night. Do you see what I’m saying? One recipe actually makes 12 servings. (More realistically, it makes 15 servings but we eat big portions. It helps the growth of our spare tires.)  None of the ingredients were expensive. So this has been one of the cheapest meals I’ve ever cooked. (Stephen doesn’t count Ramen as food. Otherwise, that’s the cheapest!) I mean really. A pound of meat, I used venison from our freezer so that was free. A package of pasta, always cheap. And then whatever else was in there- ricotta and some sorts of seasonings and sauces and cheeses. It probably cost me $6-8. Next time I may sneak some spinach in there or some sort of veggie. Anyways, in case I haven’t made my point, let me be blunt. Click here and get this cookbook!! I’ll have reviews as we eat the other items.


In other news (this is a severely haphazard post, and, no there is no point that I’m trying to reach), when I was at my parents’ house I went out to get their mail. I flipped through it. I always do this, just on the off-chance that there is something for me. There was. Actually, there was something for Chelsea Rosenhagen. It’s usually a credit card application or something but this was not. It was some letter from the courts in Travis County. Apparently I didn’t submit the proper paperwork after I got a ticket and now, if I don’t submit it or pay some fee, there will be a warrant out for my arrest. First of all, I find it hard to believe that I didn’t take care of this. That’s not like me. At all. Secondly, and more importantly, the ticket was from January 2005. People, that was 4 years ago! Four years! Ridiculous.


This was a crazy post. There was no point. No funny story. No wisdom. Nothing. Basically, I just wasted 3 minutes of your life. For that, I do not apologize. It’s really your fault, you saw the title.


But, in an effort to make it up to you, here’s a cute picture.


May 7, 2009 at 9:44 am 7 comments

The Grass is Always Greener…

What’s our problem? By “our” I mean humans. By “problem” I mean problem. We are never satisfied. If you have straight hair, you want curly. If you have curly hair, you want straight. When plates arrive at a restaurant, you always want what someone else ordered. His car is better. Her job is better. Their house is better. It’s ridiculous and irrational. Is it because we truly aren’t satisfied with our lives? I don’t think so. I think it’s because we can’t see ourselves. But we see them. We see them enjoying their life. So I don’t think the issue is really about being dissatisfied. I think it’s all about envy.


I’ve recently learned that dogs suffer from this as well. They always want what the other has. And there is really no reasoning with them. Trust me, I’ve tried. Rookie and Molly are best friends. Normally Rookie naps next to the coffee table and uses the ledge of the table as her pillow. That’s her spot. Not when Molly comes over. Apparently the hard floor looks much more comfortable.


As close as they can get without Rookie squishing Molly.

As close as they can get without Rookie squishing Molly. Please ignore our stained grout.


I think Rookie is the bigger conformer in their relationship. It’s not until Molly comes over that Rookie decides that she’s not too cool to play with her toys. If we’re alone with Rookie, playing fetch is out of the question. We can throw her toy and she’ll just stare at it and then look back at us. On a good day, she’ll watch us throw it, slowly get up and walk over to it and look at it. Then she’ll walk back over and ignore us. The only game she willingly plays is chase. That’s her favorite. But not when Molly comes over. When Molly comes, Rookie proudly shows off all her loot. Check out my rope! Let’s play with Stinky, my stuffed skunk! What about this rope? Or my kong!


Molly is spending the weekend with Aunt Chelsea. She came over yesterday. They normally play, lay around, nap, then spontaneously start chasing each other. They get along really well and know when play time is over. Normally, Molly sleeps in her kennel and Rookie sleeps by our bed. But I thought I’d let them both sleep in our room on the floor. Rookie is low maintenance. She sleeps on the carpet. She doesn’t like blankets. If we ever put them in her kennel, she pushes them aside and lays on the hard plastic. I don’t know why. That’s just the way she is. I’ve laid blankets out next to the bed so she can sleep on them. Instead, she just lays next to them. Molly on the other hand, is high maintenance. Or maybe her momma just makes her appear that way. That’s still up for debate. Molly sleeps on 2 folded blankets. You know, so it’s more comfy. (We’ll ignore the picture of her above where she is passed out on the hard tile.)


Last night, I laid out these two blankets. I’d say that they’re about 2’x3′. The instant I put them down, Rookie curled up on top of them. I’m sorry, what? Rookie, have you forgotten? You’re low maintenance. You don’t sleep on blankets. Molly just stood there staring at her. Rookie ignored her. She’s not scared of a 7 pound fluff ball. Over and over I would make Rookie get up and walk away. And over and over she’d run back over and lay down before Molly could get there. Molly refused to lay on the carpet. She just stood there staring at Rookie, mentally begging her to move and doing her impatient dance. I decided that I’d unfold the blankets so that they are about 6’x3′. That way, they could both fit on the blanket. All would be happy and I could go to sleep. I immediately turned off the light and told them to go night-night.


After a few minutes, I heard that they had settled down. I used the light on my cell phone to see if they had agreed with my compromise or if Rookie was still being a bully. I never expected to see that they were BOTH laying on the carpet. Stephen and I got a good laugh out of that one. At one point in the middle of the night, I checked on them again. This time, they were both sleeping on the blanket. It’s cute, yes. But Rookie is a poseur. On Sunday night, when she’s all alone at the side of the bed, she’ll refuse a blanket. She’ll look at me like I’m some idiot and walk away, offended. Rook, I already know you’re a chameleon. Is it really that awful to add ‘high maintenance’ to your list of undesirable traits? Your grass is green. Stop looking over the fence!



Here’s one more cute photo. Don’t you just want to squeeze her? She’s so stinking cute!

Happy Friday.

Rookie is outside. This is Molly, waiting for her to come back!

Rookie is outside. This is Molly, waiting for her to come back!

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