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Not The Update You Were Expecting

I hope everyone had a calorie filled Thanksgiving and that you ate and shopped to your heart’s content. I apologize for the lack of post on Friday. I had one started and planned to complete it but we didn’t have internet as expected. We spent Wednesday through Saturday in deep south Texas at a hunting camp. I have all sorts of stories to tell you about our few days 11 miles south of border patrol, but I’ll get to that tomorrow Wednesday Thursday. I don’t have pictures yet and it’s just not the same without pictures.

So today I’ll update you on my 101 in 1001 progress. I imagine I have a lot to check off the list but I have no idea. We’ll see!

6. Do something new with my hair.
I cut some side bang things. They aren’t much different but they add a little bit of interest to my hair. I haven’t colored my hair in months and months. I’m not sure why but my husband likes looking at my grays. I’ll keep it as is for now, but I’ll color it eventually… these grays are really getting out of control.

26. Host a Pampered Chef Party
Done! It was great. I got tons of great items. I’m specifically thrilled about my pizza stone. I’ve only made biscuits on it so far but I plan to make a pizza from scratch. It’ll come in handy.

37. Try a new shampoo.
Every now and then there is something that goes on in my life that I choose not to share with you. It’s part of that real life/ blog life balance. Starting a few months ago I started getting really itchy. Like out-of-control, stay-up-at-night, make-you-want-to-die itchy. It’s a long story but we think we narrowed it down and found out I was allergic to Gain laundry detergent. That eventually turned into dermagraphia and the itching got worse. However, in the process of figuring it out, I changed everything. New soap, deodorant, detergent, lotion, etc. etc. So with that, I tried a new shampoo and conditioner. I got Head and Shoulders because it’s for sensitive skin and helps itching, not just dandruff. Turns out, I really like it. I’m almost done with my first bottle of each. I’ve already clipped a coupon for my next set.

40. Host a dinner party for my in-laws.
I guess our trip to Galveston could count for this. I made some delicious food for dinner one night while we were there. Although I think I’ll do this again. Next time I’ll host it at our house. It may have to wait a while though because we need chairs first. Dinner parties aren’t very fun without dining room chairs. Unless we do a picnic theme.

47. Make 3 Pioneer Woman recipes.
I’ve gone above and beyond. I’ve now made the following (each item is a link):

Potato Bundles
Yellow Cupcakes with Sticky Chocolate Icing
Roasted Garlic and New Potatoes
Grilled Ribeye with Onion Blue Cheese Sauce
Cinnamon Rolls
Simple, Perfect Chili – I don’t think this one is online. I can’t find it. Here’s a picture. P Dub, feel free to use this for your blog, it’s top quality.

54. Sponsor a child during Christmas.
I have three Christmases during this 1001 challenge so I suppose this could be a task for any of the Christmases. This Christmas we are donating to an organization instead of adopting a family. Mostly because we missed the adopt a family deadline, but that’s okay because this organization is a great cause.

62. Finish the bathroom.
This is as done as it’s going to get. There is still no vent cover or hand towel hook. But who needs those anyways?? Right??

64. Buy a black belt.
I bought a cheap belt a month or so ago when Oprah did that 50% off Payless deal. I don’t love it but I like it enough for the price I paid.

87. Go to a Christian concert.
A few months ago we went to see The David Crowder Band. In a couple weeks we are going to see Chris Tomlin. I love them both!

88. Read 3 classic novels.
I’m in the process of reading Wuthering Heights. So far, I love it. I’m only halfway through though. I’m having a hard time finding time to read since I keep choosing to cook or read cookbooks or blog. I’ll get it done eventually!

99. Renew and add money to our CD when it matures.
It matured about a month ago so we added a bit more to it and renewed. That is such a great feeling! I love untouchable money.

I have now completed 19 items. I have quite a ways to go!

Ten on Tuesday questions are posted! Click the button on the right to see the list. Feel free to email me anytime with your 10 questions to be added to the queue. chelsea.hurst (at) hotmail (dot) com.

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Not So Bad for a Lazy Girl

Well, Roots & Ringers (can I call you that?), it looks like I’m going to get through this week with writing only one actual, quality post. Monday was a happy birthday post to my sister, Tuesday was an actual post, Wednesday was a guest post, today is a 101 in 1001 update, and tomorrow will be my Seven Quick Takes.  So uh, sorry.

It’s been a while since I’ve taken a look at my 101 list and I was quite nervous to do this post. I didn’t really want to write some grand opening and then hear crickets when I actually addressed my progress. So let’s take a look at what I’ve accomplished since my last update. (For the full list, go up to the top and click that button that says “101 in 1001.”)

7. Paint our bedroom
I finished this daunting task. It took quite a while. You can click HERE to read a post from when I was in the middle of the process. I’m aware that I owe you pictures and I’d like you to know that it’s on my Labor Day weekend to-do list.

12. Send out 10 cards, just because.
I’ve sent out a total of 3. As of last update, I had only sent 2… and while I’m aware that I haven’t made much progress, I also know that I have until March 31, 2012 to send out 7 cards. Even I can do that. Anyways, one went out today. It’s a good one!!

26. Host a Pampered Chef party.
It’s planned but not complete yet. If you live in Houston and want to come but didn’t get an evite, let me know! You can come. I only sent it to people who I thought might find joy in a night of playing with kitchen gadgets. Or if you live in Houston and don’t want to come, but want to buy something, I can arrange that too. I full intend to get a pizza stone, a garlic press, and maybe one of those doobers that you pour your drippings into so it can separate the fat from the good juices.

33. Get 3 more Avon customers.
Another in progress. I’ve got 1 more. I’m really not good at this. I can tell you all the live long day that I think they make the absolute best eye liner and that Stephen thinks they make the absolute best fruity smelling shower gels because the bottles hang in the shower, but if you even blink when I’m talking about it, I’m going to assume you’re not interested and change the subject. Basically, I suck at sales. And that’s okay. I really am only a rep so that I can buy the products. But it doesn’t hurt to sell a bit so I can support my addiction.

34. Spend a Saturday cooking a freezing meals.
Done! Lauren and I spent a Saturday making a total of 27 meals. We plan to do it again in a few months, once were out of freezer food. Or maybe sooner, I’ve already eaten 4 meals.

62. Finish the bathroom.
This is done but not technically done. Stephen needs to hang one more towel hook and put the vent cover over the vent. That’ll be done this weekend, and I’m aware that I owe you pictures of this too.

67. Buy something from Etsy.
Oh how I love! If you haven’t visited that site, you really should. I just bought a custom laptop case from GlamourDamaged for $20!! It’s not here yet but I’m so excited. Check it out!

laptop case

75. Eat at 10 new restaurants.
Four down, six to go! I’ve added Rudy & Paco’s and Sunflower Bakery, both in Galveston. And Dolce Vita Pizzeria in Houston. Stephen and I ate at Dolce Vita on Sunday night. A friend of his from high school was in town and invited us to eat with him, his mom, sister, and a couple friends. This is no regular pizzeria, my friends! They had this pizza called Taleggio. Oh good Heavens. Taleggio, arugula, pears, and truffle oil… on a pizza. To be honest with you, I didn’t know what taleggio was until about two seconds ago when I googled it. Apparently it’s a type of cheese. A type of cheese that I very much want to try on it’s own because if this pizza is any indication of how to-die-for this cheese is, I’m all in. Yall, I’m still dreaming about this pizza. Drooling about this pizza. Considering kidnapping the chef at Dolce Vita and holding him hostage until he teaches me exactly how to make this.

97. Replace the lights above my vanity.
I’m considering this done. I decided against buying new lights because every light is at least $45 and I’d have to buy too. So instead I decided to GO GREEN! If it’s actually green to buy a can of spray paint and spray the ever-living-daylights out of these nasty gold fixtures. I sprayed and sprayed and lost some brain cells. But it was worth it. They look great. They have a brand new life. And since I only spent $10, I saved $80! Go me! Yeah, pictures of these will come next week too. LAY OFF!

So that’s it. That’s actually quite a bit more than I thought I’d have complete. I’m kicking butt at this challenge! I’ve still got a ways to go but feel like I’ve made a dent in it.

Hope you’re all having a good day. See you tomorrow with my randomness!

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Seven Quick Takes (vol.4)


No intro today. I’m too tired for an intro. (You can click the picture above if you want to see more Seven Quick Takes or add your own to the list.) Two nights in a row of very, very little sleep. I have this issue where I can’t sleep if I’m busy, stressed, or have something on my mind. It’s a terrible problem to have. We have an event tonight at church and I’m in charge of games and prizes. Turns out, that’s a lot of work. I love it and enjoy it but it’s hard to work full-time and then pull together the pieces at the end. Thankfully my mom doesn’t work and she’s able to work on my to-do list during the day.

Last night we went up to the church to help set up a bit. Then we went back to her house to decorate cupcakes and brownies for the Cake Walk. They turned out amazing!! Look how cute these little cupcake boxes are!


Yeah, I know. Precious. I was on Box Constructing Duty while my mom was on Cupcake Decorating Duty.


My mom said that under no circumstance did she want to be in any picture that may end up on my blog because she hadn’t done her hair or makeup and she’d been in the kitchen all day. But I’m sneaky. I caught her in the back ground of the brownie lollipops.


Let’s just take a second to talk about how cute my mom is in her trendy pink glasses. And how cute those brownies are!

I saw a woman in traffic yesterday who had those really fluffy, thick seat covers. We are in Houston, lady. Unless you are using that as a sponge to soak up the sweat on your thighs, I don’t see the point.

A few months ago I had full intentions of throwing a Pampered Chef party. A friend of my sister-in-law sells. I know we’re all pretty poor but you can’t be a successful wife without their pizza stone! And maybe their garlic press. And mandoline. So I was going to host a party so that we could get the goods and be well on our way to impressing our husbands. But I scheduled the date in the summer and one by one, my guests emailed me saying they couldn’t come. Then something came up and I couldn’t come. I’m going to give it another shot.

So to any of my Houston girls that read this, let me know if you’re interested. Many of you will be getting Evites regardless. I’d post this on facebook but my status is too occupied with the link to my blog. Anyways, if you’ve never been to one, it’s one of those Bucket List things. Right after “Vacation in Hawaii” and “Go to Europe.” It’s that important.

I need your help. I have been asked by a friend to devote a blog post to “ways to cook fish.” But the problem is that I don’t eat fish. I think it tastes like licking the bottom of the ocean. So can you help?

If you read through yesterday’s comments you’ll see one that says this: “Gosh, I love how you tie things together so intricately. It makes me want to give you two words and see if you can write a post that ties the two of them together. You up for the challenge? Haha!”

I think this challenge is intriguing. I usually have no problem making connections between events that happened to me. I’m not sure if I can write about something that I don’t have experience with. However, Samantha, I’m up for it! If any of you want to participate, leave two words in the comments. I’ll randomly select a set of words next week and attempt to write something. I’m sure that what I’ll come up with will be complete crap, but maybe it’ll have a bit of entertainment value in it.

I’m not setting an alarm tomorrow morning. This thrills me.

I just thought you all might want to see another picture from our cooking day last Saturday. It was a long day. For some reason we thought it would be cute to take a picture of me holding pasta. And then Lauren misspelled “tuna”…




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