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The Two Loves of My Life

What an amazing weekend. Three baseball games and a quick trip to San Antonio. And now here we are, Monday morning. But something is different. I have this odd feeling in my stomach. I suppose it’s slightly possible that the feeling is from the three ballpark Prince’s cheeseburgers I ate this weekend, but I don’t think that’s it. I know this feeling. I’ve had it before. I’ve just fallen back in love.

 With baseball.

 There are days when I’m hanging out with Stephen and all of a sudden, it hits me like a pile of bricks… I’m in love with this man. Like a lot. To the point where it makes me gasp a little and stare at him until I fully grasp it. I was never “out of love” with him, but sometimes it’s a stronger feeling. You know what I mean? I’ve experienced this feeling with baseball a few times in my life. I’ve always loved it, and I always will. But some days, some games, well… they just take the breath out of me. 

Yesterday felt like my first date with baseball. Rice had a game at 2:00. We (Rice) had to beat Xavier. If we lost, the season was over. If we won, we played K State at 6:00. The stakes were high, but the Owls were higher. This pitcher threw a complete game. It was beautiful. He had mounds and mounds of run support… which is even more beautiful when you’re about to have to play another game. I don’t know this pitcher and it took every ounce of self control not to go hug his mother. The 6:00 game was beautiful. Taylor pitched a 3 hit shutout. He looked good. He looked like pitcher I’m used to seeing. I hugged his mother. As redundant as it sounds, the day was beautiful. It was amazing baseball. Just amazing. 

I’m so glad my husband allows me to have this love affair with the game. I think he has a bit of a bromance going on with it too. Some games more than others. That’s fair. I’ll take it. There’s something sexy about a man who uses the words “double play” and “bullpen” and “low and outside”… 

Friday night, however, that wasn’t as great. Rice won, but not with as much finesse as Sunday’s games. We went to the ballpark straight from work. Stephen was in one of those moods where he didn’t want to sit still. And for some reason, he was speaking all of his thoughts. Randomly. When you get my two loves at the same place when both are having “off” days, this is what you would hear… 

Please note that none of these words/phrases/sentences were actually directed toward me. He was just talking. Much like a little bird on my shoulder. Or if the little angel that appears on shoulders in cartoons were to drink a few seven beers and try to watch a baseball game.  

“Two outs.”

“What the heck is a bearcat anyways? That’s like saying pigcow. Or cat…woman…!”

“Oh look! A plane!”

“Great play. (whistle) Great play!”

“Bum bum bum”

“Diego. Die. Ego. Leggo my die eggo.”

(after someone on the other side of the stadium tries to catch a foul) “That was either a really masculine woman or a really effeminate man.”

“Sultzbaugh. Sultz Baugh. (lower voice) Sultzbaugh!” 

Have I told you before that there is never a dull moment with my husband? Have I told you that he has no filter? Have I told you before that I’m madly in love with him? Then let me tell you this: Even on an off day, he’s still the best thing that’s ever happened to me. 

And that’s one thing baseball can’t claim.

June 1, 2009 at 10:57 am 8 comments

Winners and Losers

I’ll post about last night’s Biggest Loser episode tomorrow. Last night I went to the (amazing) Rice/UT baseball game. We didn’t get home until pretty late. No worries though, we’ll be watching it tonight! No spoilers please.


Just so everyone knows, Rice beat UT last night, 6-3. It was a fabulous game. However, I kept noticing that if I didn’t pay close attention, I forgot who I was cheering for! (For the record, I’m a Rice fan for a few years. And yes, it’s one of the hardest things to do… I’m previously a Rice baseball hater!)


This is going to be a week of random blogging. So check back often. I know you’re all just dying to hear more about my vacation!! Since this blog had nothing to do with my vacation but I’m getting into the habit of adding photos to my posts, here’s a Rice baseball related photo:


Lauren, Lindsay, Taylor, Me, and my Mom after the Rice/Notre Dame game. Taylor was kind enough to take a break from signing autographs to take a picture with us. :)

Lauren, Lindsay, Taylor, Me, and my Mom after the Rice/Notre Dame game. Taylor was kind enough to take a break from signing autographs to take a picture with us. 🙂

March 18, 2009 at 7:50 am 1 comment

I flit, I float, I fleetly flee, I fly

Today is Friday. That’s awesome for many reasons. First, the obvious, it’s the end of the week. We have made it out of another work week in one piece. We are one paycheck richer, and one container of soap poorer. But that’s okay, because we are done. Secondly, my SISTER comes home tomorrow. And she’s bringing her sweet friend, Lauren. For the past 6 years it’s sort of been the norm for Lindsay and I to only see each other during the summer and during holidays. I don’t enjoy that. I’m ready for her to be done with school and move home so I can see her! But as an old friend once told me, “Don’t wish your life away.” So I will be thankful for today and anticipate her arrival tomorrow. Third, tomorrow I get to see my cousin pitch again Rice play. They are playing Notre Dame at Reckling Park. It’s going to be beautiful and sunny and a perfect day for a good baseball game. Sadly, I just found out he won’t be pitching until Sunday. Big bummer.


Fourth, I’m about to leave for VACATION! Tonight I will pack, tomorrow I will clean, Sunday we will leave. We’ll be on a 7 day cruise, visiting Roatan, Costa Maya, and Cozumel. I can’t wait. There is nothing better than 7 days of doing nothing but eating, drinking, reading, and sleeping. And yes, I know… as sweet as it is for me, it’s equally as bitter for you. An entire week without Roots and Rings. What WILL you do with your time? All is not lost, my friend. While I will not be doing my normal 800 word blogs (what, you haven’t been counting?), I will post occasionally. I have a few thoughts, stories, and time-wasters saved in my drafts for such a time as this. The cost for using the internet on board is your first born child, but I’ve negotiated a deal. I’ll pay them Rookie’s first born for the minimal use of internet. And well, that’s like getting blood from a turnip. Hopefully I will be long gone and my blog will be successfully posted before they catch on.


Read the blogs listed to the right if you need to fill the void. All are entertaining, so even if I’m not leaving you with a void to fill, read them anyways. Also continue to check in and leave comments as normal. But, oh my, for the love of all things fat and entertaining, DO NOT post about Biggest Loser. PLEASE! I will watch it on my parents’ DVR next Sunday when we get back. Then we can talk on and on about the babies on the blue team and Mike’s weight loss. Agreed?


So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, goodbye!


(Now that you’re all curious, this post is 468 words.)

March 6, 2009 at 10:44 am 3 comments

Getting a Return on Your Investment

There was a story released about Dane from Biggest Loser. (You can read it here.) The cliff’s notes version: Dane didn’t complete the marathon. He wasn’t going to make it to the finish in time for the cutoff, so a field producer drove him to the finish line so they could film him and his wife running at the end. So then he “finished” in 5:53, but because of some bad lights it looked like 3:53. This caused people to do some research and that’s how the truth was let out. My question to Dane is, what is worth it??


I think his accomplishment was amazing. And I’m going to give him the benefit of the doubt and say that the producer convinced him to do this. He even went back and finished the part he skipped so that he could say he ran the complete 26.2 miles. But now he’s got to be regretting it. Very few people will remember him as the man who ran the majority of a marathon right after leaving the ranch. They’ll remember him as the guy from Loser who cheated in the Arizona marathon. Because that’s how America is. They like controversy. Sad to say, I don’t think his efforts were worth it.


This makes me wonder. What have I worked for that wasn’t worth it? Have you ever put forth effort for something that proved to be a dud?


A few weeks ago I painted my hallway. It took me a long time to pick a color. I just couldn’t decide. The color I chose is okay. But it looks awful with the tile. The hall looks like a baby girl’s nursery. Painting is not quick. It’s not that easy. And it definitely was not worth it. We expect a return on our investments. If I spend my Saturday night painting my hallway, I want that hallway to spend the rest of it’s life looking nice for me. And I don’t think that’s an unreasonable request.


This weekend Stephen and I went to three Rice baseball games at the Minute Maid College Classic. Between late starts and long games, we spent upwards of about 14 1/2 hours at the ballpark. If you add in the time to drive to and from, park, stand in line, etc. it was that majority of our weekend. Had the games been bad, it may not have been worth it. (Who am I kidding though, even bad baseball is still baseball… ) But that wasn’t the case. All three games were fabulous. The hours we put into the weekend were more than worth it. Friday night went into extra innings before pulling out a victory over UCLA. Saturday night the Owls beat the stupid Aggies. It was glorious. This ridiculously amazing pitcher threw a two-hit complete game. And then Sunday… oh Sunday! My wonderful cousin pitched 6.1 innings and the Owls were more than victorious over the Baylor Bears. Check it out: My cousin is awesome!


Going to baseball games is not cheap. You have to pay for parking, tickets, and if you are crazy, food. Stephen and I decided we’d only eat at one game. So Saturday night Stephen decided he’d get a foot-long hot dog. I can’t think of anything more disgusting, so I decided I’d have nachos. The game before ran long so I had plenty of time to get my food. And plenty of time I would need! I walked to the top of my section. The nacho cart was only a section over but the line was already a mile long. Slowly the line got shorter and shorter. I stood there people watching and not paying much attention. I happened to spot a friend of mine so I was able to wait in line while visiting with one of my most favorite people in the world. (Too bad he was cheering for the wrong team.) After about 15 minutes, I released him and allowed him to go wait in whatever line he needed. By this time it had been about 30 minutes. I looked ahead and there were only about 5 people in front of me.  I asked the two high school boys in front of me if they knew what was going on. They ran out of cheese. And then chili. So someone somewhere was on a cheese hunt. Word on the street was that a manager was involved and there was cheese in transit. At this point I had spent over 30 minutes waiting, I wasn’t about to leave now. So after 45 minutes, it was my turn. Once I had my big bowl of calories and processed cheese in hand, I headed back to my seat. I ate like a happy fat girl and, man, it was worth it!!


Sometimes it’s not worth it. But sometimes a girl just needs her nachos.

March 2, 2009 at 9:37 am 2 comments

Umbrellas Up! It’s A Rainy Day

Our first Rainy Day Question. From the one and only Jimbo Johnson in Wichita Falls, TX:
If Biggest Loser was not shown one week because the President of the United States had the audacity to speak to the country in primetime, what would you do during that time?


Good question Jim. First I would cry. Then I might say a few choice words in the direction of said President. Ultimately I’d realize that this is one of those great national tragedies that I can do nothing to prevent, so I adapt.


Tuesday night Stephen and I went to Olive Garden for dinner. We had gotten a gift certificate from my parents for Valentine’s Day and I was craving some never-ending salad and breadsticks. It was delicious. As Stephen was focusing on his fresh-out-of-the-oven breadsticks, I was trying not to focus on the Loser I was missing. However, if Mr. Prez hadn’t chosen that time to speak and I hadn’t had a hankerin’ for some chicken parm, I wouldn’t have this little story to tell you: As Stephen and I were being shown to our table, there was a small mob of people crowded in the entry area. It was hard to maneuver. There was a mom and her two kids trying to shove their way through the crowd to leave. One of the boys was extremely focused on his Nintendo DS. The mom, who was trying to part the river like Moses in order to get her children out of captivity, screamed back at her son, “Christian, quit gaming and pay attention!”  This may be one of those “had to be there” incidents, but I thought that was hilarious. With my right hand raised and my left hand on the keyboard, I hereby pledge to never use the word “gaming” to my children.


Back to Loser. After Olive Garden we went home to pick up Rookie and took her to my parents house so she could play with Molly. And so we could steal my parents’ DVR. Then we went home so Stephen could do Loser yoga and I could do my therapy. And no, we didn’t watch the President’s speech. Mr. President, if your Crackberry starts buzzing and this entry shows up on your Google Reader, please please please hear my plea. Don’t mess with my Loser. Tuesday night is my tv night. Mess with another night. Ok? Thanks.


Thanks Jim, good question!


Another thing. I went to the Biggest Loser website yesterday when I was writing my blog. I couldn’t remember Cathy’s name so I had to look it up. On the front page there is an ad for a new trainer. Anyone have any theories? Who are they getting rid of? Or do you think they’ll have 3 teams again? I love Bob and don’t want him to go. I don’t LOVE Jillian but I think she’s a great trainer and she’s entertaining to watch. Anyone?


Also, the application to be on next season’s Biggest Loser is 9 pages long. Plus a 10 minute video and a picture. In those 9 pages and video, they couldn’t see Joelle was crazy? They couldn’t see that Vicky was a little witch? I know they couldn’t learn anything about Heba because Bob picked her and Ed up in a bar. So I guess he’s to blame for that mistake.


Have a fantastic weekend. I’ll be spending a good portion of my weekend at Minute Maid Park for the College Classic. I will be a Rice baseball fan for the first time in my life. I even have a hat to prove it! My cousin will be pitching on Sunday and I couldn’t be more excited! Hook ’em. Go Owls!

February 27, 2009 at 9:40 am 10 comments


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