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In Heaven There Is No Beer

That’s why we drink it here


And when we’re all gone from here


All our friends will be drinkin’ all our beer


Remember two Fridays ago when you all wished my grandpa a happy 75th birthday? (Thanks for that, by the way.) The past Friday, the family came to town and we celebrated with him. Many of you may not know this about me but my maiden name is Rosenhagen. Many of you may not know this about our name but Rosenhagen means “proud Germans who drink.” That may or may not be a loose translation. And I may or may not have made that up 5 seconds ago. Nevertheless, that’s what we are. I’ll prove it.

We gathered at my aunt and uncle’s house for some drinks and appetizers. We made my grandma and grandpa hang out in the front living room while we hid in the bedroom to craft our super cool hats and practice our song. I considered posting the video of this song because, well, you just wouldn’t believe it unless you saw it. But I’m hesitant to show you because I fear that it’s brilliance will cause me to become blog-famous overnight and I’m not quite sure I can handle that. Plus my cousins are in the video and they are in junior high and I think junior high is a bit to early to become famous. Child stars are such jerks. And because I don’t want my cousins to become jerks, I’m not posting the video. But it was awesome. It was titled “Pullin’ a Ron” and discussed classy things like mooning people and the scent of his car after a meal of sauerkraut. Good stuff.

After our sweet serenade we loaded into 4 vehicles and drove to Rudy Lechner’s in Houston. Because nothing says “We love you Grandpa” quite like red cabbage and German music. I had a Weiner Schnitzel (no, it’s not tubed meat) and some German wine. Right next to us was the band. They were this German couple and they were wearing clothes that weren’t purchased from Party City. They were pretty entertaining. Being a few generations from the true Germans in our family, I didn’t recognize most of the music. I did, however, appreciate when he took off his hat, put on a red bandana, and sang “On the Autoban” in true Willie form.

Here are a few pictures to make you jealous that you aren’t related to the Rosenhagens.


Rosenhagens do arts and crafts.


They show up to the restaurant wasted.
(Totally kidding. That’s my cousin- she’s only 16. Apparently Stephen put my camera on the “trashed” setting. But seriously, isn’t she beautiful?)


Rosenhagens grow facial hair and unibrows in 7th grade.

Justin and Laura

The men expand with their pregnant wives.


Rosenhagens sing German songs louder than anyone else in the restaurant. If Rudy Lechner’s was junior high, we were definitely the popular table. Everyone wanted our cool hats.

So there is a glimpse into my family life. We are goofy and crazy but we certainly have a lot of love going around. It was a special treat to do this for my grandpa. I’m just glad we come from a fun culture!


In Heaven there is no beer
That’s why we drink it here
And when we’re all gone from here
All our friends will be drinkin’ all our beer

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