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One Of Us Can Be Trendy

Hint: It won’t be me.

I’m pretty awful at being trendy. I’m the kind of girl who buys a shirt from Old Navy in 3 colors because it fits wells. I love scarves because they dress up my bland clothes. I’ve never worn boots on the outside of my jeans and I’m certain that if I do so, the world as we know it may cease to exist. And not in a good way.

Thanks to my Meme, I’m now a proud owner of one of this:

Yes ma’am. My very own Snuggie. The item that the whole world wants but everyone is too afraid to buy. Luckily I have a Meme who hooked me up. And let me just tell you this: it’s a perfect item for a blogger. I can snuggle up and stay warm whilst typing this to you! Brilliant. And also trendy… but not trendy.

I’m also the owner of a custom tie dye shirt. Custom. As in, it was made especially for me. And all of the females on my mom’s side of the family have them as well. Do you need proof of that too? I’ve got proof!

I can literally feel your jealousy seeping through my monitor.

Settle down, I can hook you up. This week’s giveaway is about 17,000 times cooler than I am. Really. If someone saw me carrying this, they’d take it away and assume I’d stolen it from someone far more fashionable than me. Someone like my trendy friend Kelly. She could rock this, no problem. Or my SIL, Courtney. She has a way with things like this. Check it out:

It’s a purse… of super, epicly cute proportions. If that even makes sense.

Designed and made by GlamourDamaged (<– that’s a link). She is the talented chick who made my laptop case. When you get a second (like… now) browse her Etsy store. I’m certain you’ll find something for someone on your Christmas list. Or for me.

Do you want that? I do. I think it’ll help “up” my trend factor. But I’m disqualified from entering… obviously. So I’ve been racking my brain trying to find a way to make me just a little bit cooler. Then it dawned on me. What are all the cool kids doing these day??


(I’ve just fainted.)

But because all of my blog friends tell me it’s what all the cool bloggers are doing, I’m taking the plunge. Let’s just get a few things straight though. I will be “tweeting” under my blog name, blog identity, and blog interests. Meaning I won’t be telling you lame stuff, I won’t have it linked to my facebook (as if I even knew how to do that), I wont be telling my real life friends about it unless they read R&R, etc. I’ll be writing quick snippets that would interest people who read my blog. And that’s it. I’ll be tweeting for the love of blogging. If it takes up too much of my time or I decide that I hate it, it’s gone. Even if it means that my Cool Card is revoked. And also, I have the right to make up any Twitter related jargon I feel like.

Get it? Got it? (LAUREN) Good.

Which leads me to this:

leave a separate comment for each entry

1. Leave a comment. Tell me the coolest thing about yourself. It’s okay to toot your own horn if I’ve asked you to.

2. FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER. (<– That’s a link.) Seriously. If you don’t, I’m quitting Twitter.

3. Tweet about it.

4. Blog about it.

5. Go to the GlamourDamaged Etsy shop and tell me your favorite item.

In an effort to dive head first into Twit Nation, there will be no facebook entry this week.

Best of luck to you all. And may the trendiest prevail.

**Edited to add: If you follow me on Twitter, please leave a comment saying that you did… That way you’ll be entered into the giveaway.

(To see last week’s winner, keep scrolling down or click here.)

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Meet the Potters

The purpose of this post is not to debate the Twilight series. Let me just throw that out there. If you haven’t read it and you’re a female who enjoys reading, get on it! And I don’t want to hear about it being too long or the writing style (Sarah) or that you don’t like that type of book. Just read it. Okay? Moving on.

As I was reading the first Twilight book, I became suspicious of everyone I encountered. All of a sudden, anyone could be a vampire. As far as I was concerned, I was Bella in a world full of Cullens. And it was my responsibility to narrow down the Cullen family tree. My sister is way too tan, she’s obviously not a vampire. My brother eats food. Lots of food. So he’s not a vampire. My grandpa? No, he grew up on a farm. And I don’t think sparkly farmers are taken seriously. Wait, maybe that’s why he quit farming and moved here. No, he eats too. Not a vampire. My friend Lyndsey? Heaven’s no. She sleeps. A. Lot. What about my dear husband? He has fair skin. He doesn’t go in the sun unless completely covered. He has black eyes. Obviously though, he’s not. While he does have a few vampirish (vampiral? vampiric? vampirian?) traits, he’s far from being a Cold One. He loves to sleep, he loves to eat. He’s aging. And he very rarely has the desire to kill me. Emphasis on the ‘rarely’… I will not go so far as to say ‘never’.

So I’m not married to a vampire. And I may not know any. And I know you’re lying if you’ve read the book and haven’t thought “Oh, maybe ______ is a vampire!” We can’t help it. We get into the story. If you watch X-Men you may walk down the street and think “I bet he’s a superhero.” Or after you watch Sixth Sense, you wonder if you are surrounded by dead people.

I never got on the Harry Potter bandwagon. Maybe one day I’ll read all 42 of those books. I’ve never really had the desire to read them but I’ve heard they are really good. I wonder if people who read those books wonder if there are wizards and witches and giant chessboards somewhere out there. I wonder how many kids have run into walls hoping that they could take a magic train to Hogwarts. Harry Potter is still a popular Halloween costume. People want to be magical. But are you magical? Does your Swiffer Wet Jet fly you to the grocery store? Does your Snuggie make you invisible? Hmm… Intriguing. Maybe Stephen is a wizard! I don’t know much about wizard characteristics. Are they hot? Cold? Do they age? Are they smart? Are they funny? Do they have to know how to play chess? I don’t know! All I know is this. Harry has a scar that means something special about something having to do with his wizard-dom. See. (I should note that I got this picture for some other blog, wasn’t sited… don’t want to break any copyright rules. I have no idea how that works…)

Doesn't he look tough with that Z scar on his head? And magical. He looks magical for sure!

Doesn't he look tough with that Z scar on his head? And magical. He looks magical for sure!

Well if a funny, permanent  mark on your forehead is all it takes to make you a wizard, it looks like I’ve snagged myself one of those. Meet the newest member of Gryffindor:


He looks normal enough, right? Don’t be fooled though. These wizards are good at fitting in with us human-folk. Take a closer look.

The evidence

The evidence

See that dark spot on my hubby’s forehead? It’s been there since Sunday afternoon. I know. It’s small. Not very noticeable. Hey Stephen, will you turn your head so we can get a look at the other side of your face?

Further evidence. And the reason Stephen can no longer keep his Wizard status a secret to his friends, family, and coworkers.

Further evidence. And the reason Stephen can no longer keep his Wizard status a secret to his friends, family, and coworkers.

 So he’s either a child who somehow gets random stains on his skin, or he’s a wizard. Lets, please, go with the wizard theory.

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