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Seven Quick Takes

Hooray Friday!

Remember last week when I mentioned that I wasn’t feeling right? Turns out, it’s heartburn. My coworker came into my office the other day to get some Tums (because obviously the preggo has Tums) because she had heartburn. I told her to tell me what it felt like. She said, “It hurts. A lot.” Not acceptable. I said, “No. Tell me EXACTLY how it feels.” So she explained it. She told me where it hurts and how it feels, exactly. So the bad news is that I get heartburn multiple times a day. The good news is that I get heartburn, I’m not dying of heart failure or fire throat.

I’m making dinner for my brother and sister-in-law tomorrow night. What should I make? I was thinking about making the butter chicken that PW posted a couple weeks ago. Has anyone made it? Any other ideas? Sides? Help me out. Nothing that takes too incredibly long or requires a ton of ingredients. I’ll be cooking at their house while trying to stare at my niece.

“You can’t handle my undivided attention.” – Dwight Schrute
“The sales department smashed my sandwich.” – Michael Scott

I love this show.

Incase you didn’t hear the big news, I’m kind of famous now. A little something happened on The Twitter yesterday.

Pioneer Woman tweeted that her book Black Heels and Tractor Wheels is being picked up for a movie. So I tweeted, “Does anyone have the sneaking suspicion that @thepioneerwoman is taking over the world? I’m not complaining, just an observation.”

Good tweet, right? Right. Well then she replied. SHE REPLIED. “Not me, just my bottom.”

So that’s awesome.

One of my blog friends posted this week about her adventures at a laser tag place. Which reminded me of the post I wrote about laser tag. So I sent it to her and reread it. Good times. Click here if you want to read it.

I haven’t had a pedicure since before Christmas.

I joined Swagbucks a couple weeks ago because I kept hearing about it. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s a website where you earn points which can then be used to buy things like giftcards. You use their site for searches instead of Google. They post codes on their blog and Twitter so you can get more points. I get points just for using the toolbar. I get points every day for clicking through their “special offers.” In the 2 weeks (?) I’ve been a member, I’ve earned 655 points. Not too bad, my friends. So anyways, if you want to join, do it. If you don’t, don’t. But if you join, join through me so I get some referral points. (Yes, I just went there.) Click here to check it out.  I’m quite addicted.

That’s all I’ve got for you today. Have a great weekend. Mine should be great, minus the 18 hours I’m going to spend on my taxes. Boo hiss.

March 19, 2010 at 8:16 am 19 comments

Seven Quick Takes – The Quickest Yet

YAY FRIDAY! Click here for more Quick Takes.

I’m happy about where The Office is headed. I haven’t been a huge fan ever since the co-manager junk. But now it looks like it’ll go back to it’s old crazy pranks and not-awkward humor.

There’s a large stack of books on my kitchen counter for the Book Swap. There are so many that I want to read. I’m excited for everyone participating. If anyone else wants to participate, you have like one more day to get it in the mail. Apparently many of you have been snowed in and unable to get to a post office so I won’t make the assignments until the middle of next week. Also a quick apology to two of you. I came home yesterday to two books on my porch in the pouring rain. So two of the books are a little warped. They still work and have words, but they aren’t crisp. Actually none of them are crisp because they are all used (I think). So that’s a lot of rambling. The botttomline: LAST CALL. Leave a comment if you’re still interested.

So… global warming, huh?

My backyard is under water. I’m not exaggerating. We are at the lowest point of our street and it’s been raining continuously for like 82 days. Rookie hates it because she’s prissy and hates getting her paws wet. I hate it because I love the sun.

There was a cup of hot cocoa in my Keurig sample pack and I gave it a go earlier this week. Not.A.Fan. Yeesh.

It’s almost college baseball season. In case you weren’t around for last season, here’s the cliff’s notes: My cousin pitches for Rice but I have burnt orange blood and have cheered for UT my whole life. When I was in college I hated Rice because they were very very good and occasionally beat my Horns. And now my own family is on that team. I’m embracing it though. I have shirts and hoodies and hats. Basically, I’m a super fan!

I don’t have much to offer today. Sorry. I get to see a bunch of college friends this weekend which pretty much means I’m a happy chick. And I get to spend some time with family and I love that too. So I’m gearing up for a great weekend and can’t focus on Takes, however Quick they may be.

February 12, 2010 at 9:24 am 10 comments

Seven Quick Takes (vol.14)

It has been a LONG week. I’m pretty excited about my weekend. I only have one thing on my planner and it doesn’t involve setting an alarm. There is nothing better than an alarmless Saturday morning!

As always, visit Conversion Diary for more Quick Takes.


Stephen’s parents bought him the Lego Star Wars game for the Wii. This is good for many reasons. He said, “This is so cool” about 7 times within the first 2 minutes of playing. He is forced to sit up while he plays, which means his face won’t swell. It keeps his mind off the pain. He always breathes through his mouth when he plays video games (don’t ask) and since he has to breath out of his mouth anyways, he doesn’t notice or complain about it.

I’ve been having a lot of typos lately. Spell check doesn’t catch those. But you do. And, uh, thanks… I guess. I write posts every day so the odds that there are a few errors are pretty high. I suppose I could write less often and spend more time proofing my posts, but that just doesn’t seem reasonable. So you’re just going to have to deal. Deal?

I forgot to get two important items at the grocery store on Sunday. In all fairness, I didn’t really forget them since they weren’t even on my list. I just never wrote them on the list. I thought I knew the recipes by memory so I wrote down what I thought I’d need. I was wrong. One was for the meal I planned to make Monday, one was for the meal I planned to make Thursday. This is really messing up my meal planning. Good thing my husband isn’t demanding any good food this week! (I just reread this and it’s so dumb. Why do I feel like you need to know this??)

Tonight I saw an Old Navy commercial that said that all outerwear is 50% off this weekend and on Saturday scarves are $1. Holy moly! On an entirely unrelated note, my birthday is in 11 days. Also on an unrelated note, click here and here and here and here.

So Stephen can’t smile right now, it hurts his face. Imagine you were sliced open underneath your nose and it was stitched back together. Now smile. Feel how it pulls that area?? Yeah so last night we watched The Office and he had to walk out of the living room 3 times because he laughed and it hurt his face. Then 30 Rock came on. He lasted about 2 minutes and started laughing. He yelled and went to our bedroom. During the next commercial break I went to our room to get some socks for my freezing toes and I found him curled up in bed watching Fox News.

Also click here and here and here and here.

I’ve got this stew in the crock pot. I can’t wait to get home and smell the deliciousness in my house! Although I’m a little nervous because I used a different wine. I usually use one called Cowtown Red from D’Vine Wine but we’re out. Hopefully it’s just as delicious.

Have a great weekend, y’all! Any fun plans?

November 6, 2009 at 9:33 am 30 comments

Seven Quick Takes (vol.8)

 Isn’t it weird how the days go at a snail’s pace but the weeks fly by? I hear this is what adult life is all about. Oh well, the one good thing is that Friday comes quickly and you get another volume of Seven Quick Takes. You can visit to visit other Quick Takers.


Three bloggers that I regularly read have announced this week that they are pregnant. And then one that already knew she was pregnant found out she was having twins. So to all of the other bloggers that I read, watch out. There must be something in the cyberspace I bring to your site.

It’s feast or famine here, y’all! I either have nothing to talk about or too much. I’m approaching the too much stage right now. Consequently, I’m doing a bonus post tomorrow. If you’re like me and spend that majority of your week in front of a computer screen and need a smidgen of a break over the weekend, well don’t. Visit on Saturday because there is a 98% chance that I’ll be doing a bonus post.

Or don’t. It’ll still be here on Monday. Although I’m not quite sure what two doses of R&R in one sitting could do to a person. If you’re willing to take the risk, be my guest.

The past few weeks during my Quick Takes I have talked about music. Which is really odd because I’m not a music appreciater. But there’s a song out that I really just need to talk about. But first, the rant. (There’s always a rant.) I hate when country artists throw in a few key words to guarantee that their song will be a hit. Kenny Chesney and Toby Keith are the main offenders that come to mind. Kenny throws in “high school” or “beach” every now and then to make sure the kids like him. Toby throws in “America” or “bar” to get hits. I don’t like this. It seems fake.

But there is a song out by Zan Brown Band called “Toes” and it is wonderful! If you’re having a bad day, listen to it and you’ll feel like you’re sitting on the beach with a cold beer (or fruity Pina Colada, if you’re one of those). Take a look see.

It should be an exciting weekend for me. My church is having a shrimp boil tonight but we won’t be going because shrimp kills Stephen. So my weekend will consist of cooking, decorating, hosting a bridal shower, cleaning up after the bridal shower, going to a wine bar, hosting a Pampered Chef Party, and cleaning up after the Pampered Chef party. It’ll be oodles of fun. (And I get to spend time with my Blog Friend 4 Ever, Lauren! Be jealous. Be very, very jealous.)

Who’s brilliant idea was it to put Grey’s Anatomy and The Office on the same night? I’m forced to choose between the two and since I am married to a man, I have to choose The Office. Which is fine because I love The Office, but it makes me sad to see 42,000 facebook statuses (stati?) that say something about “OMG, Grey’s tonight!!” and know that I won’t be watching Grey’s tonight. And also, why are all of these shows so long?? I’m fine with giving The Biggest Loser 2 hours of my week because they can’t fit it all into an hour and it’s my favorite. But 3 nights of Dancing With the Stars? Two nights of Idol? A two hour season premiere of Grey’s? Sheesh people!

I have a blog obsession. Well I have many, really. But there is a blog out there that is just AMAZING. It’s called YoungHouseLove. Kathleen from Kapachino told me about it when I was talking about painting my wood paneling. Thank you Kathleen. A thousand times, thank you. I have shared this website with so many people and wasted so much time browsing around it. You will not be disappointed. (Except when you learn that you didn’t win the $500 Lowe’s gift card.) On that note, I have three comments.

– SOMEONE needs to have a wedding like theirs. If I wasn’t already married, I totally would. Sister? Sister-in-laws? Check that section out and we will make it happen!

– Last night I told Stephen, “If we weren’t already married, I’d want a wedding like that. But not. Because I’m too scared of weather and I’d get a migraine from worrying about it.” Last night I dreamt about my wedding day. EVERYTHING went wrong. The cake was delivered in separate tiers for us to put together. When we put it together it was the shape of a car and there was a giant M&M person on top. I cried. My dad told me that there is nothing wrong with the M&M person, who doesn’t like giant M&M’s?? It was terrible.

– I’m sad to think that this site has been around for two years and I didn’t know about it. So would you guys please tell me what other blogs I’m missing out on??

My Blog Friend Lauren is organizing a Houston bloggers meet up. Naturally I’m invited because, well, I’m her favorite. We’re both trying to see if there is any interest out there. If not, it’s okay. Lauren and I will split a bottle of wine, this cheesecake, and talk about how disappointed we are in all of you. It’s possible that many of you have already heard this request since Lauren posted it on Wednesday and I think we have many shared readers. (We’re trying to at least. That’s why we keep sending you back and forth.) So anyways, let me know if you’re interested via comments or email.

Have a great weekend!

September 25, 2009 at 9:09 am 16 comments

Another Mumbo Jumbo Friday

It’s Friday… I can’t form one cohesive thought. Here’s a bunch of randomness. (With a few plugs…)


-Does anyone actually watch 30 Rock? I don’t know how they win so many awards, I haven’t met a single person who regularly watches it. The Office on the other hand, everyone watches that. It’s hilarious. It’s the best show ever. Why aren’t they winning Best Comedy awards? I don’t think I’ve met a single person who actually doesn’t like that show. (My sister didn’t like it for a while. She was in a bad place… mentally. No worries though, she’s over that and is a fan of the Dunder Mifflin bunch!)


-Am I the only person in America that doesn’t like Katy Perry? Sadly, I thought I Kissed a Girl had a great beat and it was super catchy. But Hot and Cold and whatever the other one is, oh my, annoying.


-Stephen is taking piano lessons. I’m thoroughly enjoying it too. I like to sit on the couch and knit while he practices.


-On that note, if anyone in the Houston area is looking for a piano teacher or a pianist for an event, I know one! And if you’re looking for a photographer, I know one! Or if you’re looking to hire someone for any job, I know someone looking!


-I sell Avon. If you buy Avon, we should talk. We could make magic.


-Yesterday I made a bunch of copies of some plans at work. I went back to the copy machine to pick them up… turns out, I put the original stack upside down so that I made a bunch of blank copies. That was a proud moment.


-Ever since Stephen and I got married, I always thought gift-giving time was a bit weird. We share our money. I don’t really know how to put it in words, but it’s weird. Buying him a gift with his money… or him buying me a gift with my money. I don’t know. Doesn’t anyone know what I mean? We ran into a problem more so with Stephen since I check our bank account daily. He has no chance to buy something without me finding out. We’ve decided we’re going to open a separate account for him to use for my gifts. Stephen turned to me last night and said, “I need you to give me some cash so I can go buy your Valentine’s Day present.” We’ll open that account this weekend.


-I’m doing a walk this Sunday to raise money for Habitat for Humanity – Women Build. This is basically a Habitat for Humanity but it’s for women to participate. (Incase you couldn’t figure that out from the name.) Thanks to those of you who donated $10 to support this. If anyone else would like to support, let me know before Sunday.


-My family is going on a cruise in a few weeks. Reasons I’m excited: warmth, beautiful beaches, non-stop food, I get to see my sister, I actually get to spend more time with my brother, it’ll remind Stephen and I of our honeymoon, a week off of work, I’ll have time to sleep and read, we can watch the same movie in 4 different languages. Reasons I’m not excited: I have to get back in a bathing suit, non-stop food, I may blind someone with my whiteness, Laura may get sea-sick, it will have to end sometime.


-“Happy birthday to you.” Period. Not even an exclamation mark?  It’s more professional that way.

February 6, 2009 at 9:47 am 9 comments


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