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One Of Us Can Be Trendy

Hint: It won’t be me.

I’m pretty awful at being trendy. I’m the kind of girl who buys a shirt from Old Navy in 3 colors because it fits wells. I love scarves because they dress up my bland clothes. I’ve never worn boots on the outside of my jeans and I’m certain that if I do so, the world as we know it may cease to exist. And not in a good way.

Thanks to my Meme, I’m now a proud owner of one of this:

Yes ma’am. My very own Snuggie. The item that the whole world wants but everyone is too afraid to buy. Luckily I have a Meme who hooked me up. And let me just tell you this: it’s a perfect item for a blogger. I can snuggle up and stay warm whilst typing this to you! Brilliant. And also trendy… but not trendy.

I’m also the owner of a custom tie dye shirt. Custom. As in, it was made especially for me. And all of the females on my mom’s side of the family have them as well. Do you need proof of that too? I’ve got proof!

I can literally feel your jealousy seeping through my monitor.

Settle down, I can hook you up. This week’s giveaway is about 17,000 times cooler than I am. Really. If someone saw me carrying this, they’d take it away and assume I’d stolen it from someone far more fashionable than me. Someone like my trendy friend Kelly. She could rock this, no problem. Or my SIL, Courtney. She has a way with things like this. Check it out:

It’s a purse… of super, epicly cute proportions. If that even makes sense.

Designed and made by GlamourDamaged (<– that’s a link). She is the talented chick who made my laptop case. When you get a second (like… now) browse her Etsy store. I’m certain you’ll find something for someone on your Christmas list. Or for me.

Do you want that? I do. I think it’ll help “up” my trend factor. But I’m disqualified from entering… obviously. So I’ve been racking my brain trying to find a way to make me just a little bit cooler. Then it dawned on me. What are all the cool kids doing these day??


(I’ve just fainted.)

But because all of my blog friends tell me it’s what all the cool bloggers are doing, I’m taking the plunge. Let’s just get a few things straight though. I will be “tweeting” under my blog name, blog identity, and blog interests. Meaning I won’t be telling you lame stuff, I won’t have it linked to my facebook (as if I even knew how to do that), I wont be telling my real life friends about it unless they read R&R, etc. I’ll be writing quick snippets that would interest people who read my blog. And that’s it. I’ll be tweeting for the love of blogging. If it takes up too much of my time or I decide that I hate it, it’s gone. Even if it means that my Cool Card is revoked. And also, I have the right to make up any Twitter related jargon I feel like.

Get it? Got it? (LAUREN) Good.

Which leads me to this:

leave a separate comment for each entry

1. Leave a comment. Tell me the coolest thing about yourself. It’s okay to toot your own horn if I’ve asked you to.

2. FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER. (<– That’s a link.) Seriously. If you don’t, I’m quitting Twitter.

3. Tweet about it.

4. Blog about it.

5. Go to the GlamourDamaged Etsy shop and tell me your favorite item.

In an effort to dive head first into Twit Nation, there will be no facebook entry this week.

Best of luck to you all. And may the trendiest prevail.

**Edited to add: If you follow me on Twitter, please leave a comment saying that you did… That way you’ll be entered into the giveaway.

(To see last week’s winner, keep scrolling down or click here.)

December 11, 2009 at 9:30 am 93 comments

Seven Quick Takes (vol.1)

One of my favorite bloggers, DebbieQ, does this each Friday. It’s very similar to my Rainy Day posts, but it looks like you’re intentionally writing 7 random things… instead of making a list of random crap because you can’t come up with anything better. I’m not sure that I’ll be doing this every Friday since I’m not very reliable, but I’m going to give it a go!


I have a message for all companies that aren’t NASA. We, here in Houston, don’t think it’s clever when your ads say space related things. We think it’s dumb. You aren’t the first person to do this, you aren’t inventive. Inserting your product into “Houston, we have a _______” is stupid. So so stupid. And McDonalds, please pull the ads that say “HOUSTON: The Angus Has Landed.” Seriously. We don’t read those ads and think, “Wow. McDonalds really understands us! They are really speaking our language…” You look like an idiot. Please stop.

Just in case anyone is keeping score in the Who Has The Best Husband contest, you can stop counting now. Mine wins. Not only did he clean the heck out of the kitchen last night, but my hubby snuck a card in my purse this morning for me to find at work. And for those of you who know him, you know that he writes fantastic cards! You don’t get to see what he wrote but you can see the card he picked out… The front says “hello :)”


Have I mentioned that my love languages are Acts of Service and Words of Affirmation?? My love cup is full!

At what age do the tiny fly-aways go away. When my hair is in a ponytail, I look like I’ve been electrocuted. I have these bits of hair around my face that don’t seem to grow. I don’t know what to do about them. I have a half curl on the left side so not only does it stick out, but it curls a bits. It’s awful. I feel like I’m already paying my “bad hair dues” since I’m 24 and have gray hair. Isn’t that enough God???

Dear Mariah and Eminem,

We don’t care.


I seriously think I have carpal tunnel. Or something like that. My right hand ring finger and pinky are almost always in pain. They often tingle. Sometimes the pain shoots all the way up to my elbow. By the end of the day, I want to cut my arm off. I’m not really sure what to do about this. And please don’t say “get off the computer” because that’s really not an option. And I really don’t think the appropriate answer is “take a few ibuprofen” because I’m really not into taking 2 pills, three times a day for the rest of my life. Does anyone have any real advice?

I was sort of curious if there would be any hospitalizations or deaths after yesterday’s Twitter issues. Seems like these people have become surgically attached to their iPhones and Blackberries. I don’t understand Twitter. It’s annoying. I wish there was a way that I could tell facebook to filter out the crappy tweets. Please don’t tell me what people are eating, where they are driving, when they are going to bed, what they are saying to other Tweeters, and other things with “@” or “#” in it. Seriously people. There is such thing as privacy… and that’s saying a lot coming from me. You guys know a lot about me but you don’t know everything… trust me.

I’ve said this before I will probably have to say it again – Just because I hate Twitter, does not mean I hate you. (It just means that I honestly couldn’t care less what you JUST did and what you are ABOUT to do. And please don’t refer to your friends as @_____. Use their names!)


I’m copying DebbieQ’s #7. I am also attached to my planner. It is always in my purse. I am VERY picky about the planner that I use. I have found that I am already in need of a 2010 planner. I have a sticky note in the back of my 2009 planner for 2010 events. It’s full. I am having a bit of anxiety about the planner that I just ordered because I’ve never seen it in real life. I must’ve been drunk because normal, sober Chelsea would NEVER commit to a planner without holding it, turning it’s pages, testing the size and paper quality, and holding it up against me in the mirror. I hope I don’t regret this decision. Stay tuned.

There you go. There are 7 things you could have lived without knowing. Except #2. (Stephen really is great.) Hmm, also, I think you needed to know number 1… and 5… and 6. And really, Mariah and Eminem… really.

August 7, 2009 at 9:45 am 20 comments


I have a love/hate relationship with season finales. I love them because they are generally pretty excellent shows. The writers always provide a lot of drama and excitement and some sort of change. But I hate them because they always leave me with questions. I thought I was going to die the year Friends announced Rachel was pregnant and didn’t tell us who the dad was.

With that being said, I realize I owe you all an apology. And a few answers. I’ve received a bunch of emails and facebook messages lately and I thought I’d address your questions. I’m sorry for leaving you hanging.

Where did your links go?
I’ve gotten this question multiple times, specifically regarding my recipe blog. The links disappeared a few weeks ago and instead of figuring out why, I just decided to wait until the new design was released and figure it out then. So as of yesterday, the links are back. But this time, my Blogroll is more comprehensive and includes many more links. Look at the top with all the tabs. See it? When you have some time to kill, look around.

And stay tuned to those tabs. I have a few more coming in the next week or so.

Why don’t you Twitter?
Because I think it’s dumb. I’m allowed to think that Twitter is dumb without thinking you are dumb, okay?! Here are my reasons for abstaining from Twitter mania:

  1. I’m not that interesting. It’s true. 100% of the interesting things that happen in my life are blogged. If I “tweet” them, what will I blog about?
  2. I don’t want another thing taking up my time and attention.
  3. I don’t care. I don’t want to read other people’s tweets, so why would they want to read mine?

If I’m famous one day and someone wants to pay my to join Twitter, I’ll do it. Or if you want to pay me, I’ll do it. You can sponsor me. “This Tweet was brought to you by _______.” I charge $20 per tweet – you can’t afford me. Anyways, no, I’m not joining Twitter. I know all the cool kids are doing it but I’m not a cool kid.

Is Rookie’s hair growing back?
I’m so thankful that you’re concerned! I thought it was just me. Yes, her fur is growing back and she is returning to her normal color. We have decided never to shave her again. It didn’t help the shedding problem. Rookie’s undercoat is the part that sheds, but her overcoat is the part that was shaved. So we were just left with an ugly, shedding dog. Lesson learned.

How was your friend date?
I know some of you are under the assumption that my friend date didn’t go well since I haven’t written about it. Or you think that I can’t say much since she reads this. You’re wrong. Our friend date went splendidly. We met for brunch and talked for 4 hours. I’d probably say it was better than 99% of real first dates I have ever been on. (Obviously my first official date with Stephen was better… we kissed for 30 minutes in the Zen parking lot. It was very Zen.) Tonight is date number 2. We’re bringing the husbands along!

I think I’ve tied up all of the loose ends. If there is something else, I apologize. You can reprimand me in the comments and I’ll spend countless hours trying to make it up to you.

June 23, 2009 at 10:02 am 10 comments


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