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Loser 8.12: Wait, What?

Live blogging… excuse the tenses.

So apparently this isn’t the finale. I’m not sure what happened. I even heard on the radio that the finale was going to be postponed an hour because Obama wanted to talk to us. We were all wrong. Next week is the finale. This week is about the 60 days between the last day on campus and the finale.

The remaining four (Rudy, Liz, Amanda, Danny) go home to see their family and friends. They all give speeches about how hard it’s been and how much they’ve lost.

Time for bullets:

  • I like that Danny says that he was a rock star.
  • Amanda has a Bob at home. I think her friend had two pierced ears and I think that means he’s gay. I could be wrong. I’ve been wrong a few times before.
  • Rudy is finally opening up about his sister. Looks like he’s going to try to struggle through it.
  • Liz. “I was bitter. I was angry.” Uhh yeah. You still are. Watch yourself.
  • Liz and her husband know they need to work through some things. It was touching when her husband cried. I don’t know if they can make it work, but I’m glad to see that they’re going to give it a shot.
  • I love Rudy’s teeny tiny television.
  • Rudy’s wife is gorgeous.
  • OH MY GOSH! A commercial on Amanda’s DVD. RIDICULOUS.
  • Stephen thinks that Danny’s wife looks like Tracey.
  • The contestants find out that they are going to run a marathon. They shouldn’t be surprised.
  • Wii commercial. Complete with Biggest Loser commercial music in the background. This may be one of the products I can get on board with. I’m okay with that commercial. It’s reasonable. Unlike chewing a piece of gum instead of eating a cookie.
  • Curtis Stone went to Danny’s house to cook. They made baked potatoes but I missed most of the segment because Rookie had diarrhea during the day and she started fussing so we rushed her outside to prevent more explosions. I don’t want to talk about it.  
  • It appears that Liz lives alone, her husband comes home on the weekends. What a lonely life.
  • Sounds like Rudy has it hard. I want to know why he works 12 hours a day. That’s just not right. To make it even worse, his daughter never wants him to leave the house because she’s scared he’s going to leave again.
  • WOW. Danny’s realization is the struggle that every single BL contestant has gone through but haven’t been able to verbalize. “We had all these problems at home so I went to the ranch. I came back and it turns out that my weight wasn’t the problem.” The Biggest Loser won’t solve your problems or fix your marriage. “It improves your self-worth and self-esteem so you can come home and have the strength to fix the other things.” WELL PUT JILLIAN.
  • Erin from last season’s finale came to plug the Biggest Loser Resort. Then they all ate Subway party platters. ($ chick $ ching $)
  • Time to start the marathon. But not before a Biggest Loser Protein Powder plug. UGH. ENOUGH.
  • Danny is really looking young. I’m impressed,
  • There isn’t much to report about 26.2 miles of running. But I’ll keep going because that’s my (unpaid, self-imposed) job.
  • Tara, blue team chick, Amanda’s maybe-gay friend, Liz’s husband, and Danny’s wife all showed up to run along.
  • Amanda is having some awful pain. I feel really bad for her. You can tell she is really hurting. And also, what the heck is she wearing around her waist?
  • Rudy finished first and he did it under his five and a half hour goal. Amazing. And Alison, Helen, and Mike were there to greet him. Ugh Helen, I thought I was done with you.
  • Amanda was next. Oh the joy in her face!!! And she was also under five and a half hours. And the joy on Bob’s face!!! So cool. So very cool.
  • If I were Danny’s wife, I don’t think I would enjoy running along with him and Liz while Liz repeats, “Come on baby!”
  • Danny and Liz finished in just under 7 hours.

Weigh-in! Bad dress choice for Alison. Don’t they know this is the final weigh-in?? She should have a better dress! This is a huge weigh in since they’ve been home for 60 days, what do you expect? A big number? A tiny one? Plus, only three people will be finalists. Two will earn their spot tonight, the third will be chosen by us.

Liz – 16 – 8.0%
Amanda – 16 – 8.6%
Danny – 59 – 20.49% – FIFTY NINE POUNDS!! He’s lost 201 pounds since he came to the ranch. And he’s very handsome now! Un-freakin-believable!
Rudy – 43 – 14.53% – Fantastic. Nobody really celebrated though. Bob and Amanda were probably mourning since Amanda just got pushed below the yellow line.

 So now we have to decide between Liz and Amanda. I think we all know who I am voting for. (Hint: not the bitter, angry one.) I think that as faithful Loser lovers, we all need to vote. I’ll make it easy for you. CLICK HERE. You’ll have to register but don’t worry, they won’t send you any Extra Sugarfree Gum ads  unless you ask them to. They just need to make sure you aren’t voting over and over. So on the count of three, go vote. 1… 2…. No wait. First comment, then go vote. I won’t count. Just do it.

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