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I Think I’m In Trouble

So I had this post written about my lack of New Years Resolution and this really cool journal I have… but then I went to visit sweet Avery last night and I’d rather just show you more pictures.

I think this chick has me wrapped around her finger. I wish I could tell you how many times I kissed her and told her that I love her but I’m not sure that I can count that high.

We are all pretty smitten with this little lady. Her little belly. Her softer than Heaven ear lobes. Her butt! Oh that butt!

I nuzzled my nose into those neck rolls to smell her sweet baby scent.

There’s probably not a more beautiful sight than your husband holding a perfect baby. It’s icing on the cake since we don’t have to stay up at night with her, pay for her, or deal with the crying or poops. Although it should be noted that I don’t really mind baby fusses or even dirty diapers.  

Knuckle dimples make my heart flutter.

Just ignore my devil eyes. Focus on Avery. (Like I really have to tell you to…)

Can you tell how happy we are?? By the way, thanks for your prayers for Laura. Keep them coming. She’s doing well but she is exhausted and sore. Not a good combo! But I don’t feel too terribly sorry for her because she gets to look at this all day.

So, yeah. I think I’m in trouble. This precious one has my heart. I can’t imagine how bad it’s going to get when she can actually talk. “Aunt Chelsea, will you play with me?” Yes. “Aunt Chelsea, will you take me to the park.” Yes. “Aunt Chelsea, will you buy me this fancy Barbie house that costs more than your car?” Yes. I love you.

Maybe if she’d stop wearing polka dots, I’d have some hope. And I should probably never look at this picture again. It makes me melt.

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